Have You Been Approached By an SEO


How often to you get calls from SEO companies? And How much does their monthly service cost?


I get those types of calls in waves and block the numbers.
I use an interface that allows input of category zip code keyword combinations. It broadcasts to major search engines.
Useful to promote anything.


So to understand, you have a program on your phone where you can block phone numbers that have been associated with a keyword, like blocking numbers from all SEO companies? If I am understanding you right, that is an Awesome App.


I get those types of calls in waves and block the numbers.

I use an interface that allows input of category zip code keyword combinations.
This is built into my website so about 15 bucks


Would love to know what the app is called if you don’t mind sharing.


i wonder are these companies really annoying? as according to my experience they help improving search results. :kissing_closed_eyes:



This issue isn’t about improving search results, what these SEO companies fail to realize is that any money spent on marketing is supposed to grow the client’s business.

A marketing company’s primary goal should be to produce ROI for the customer and not website rankings. If the business owner gives the SEO $1, then the owner should expect $3 in return. That is how it works. A page one ranking isn’t guaranteed to produce ROI.

Here is what an SEO Company Should Do

  1. Increase Organic Traffic and Exposure
  2. Engage and build trust with visitors
  3. Conversion (visitors into leads)
  4. Report monthly traffic, conversion rates, and new leads. (there should be growth trend for these KPIs)

If you have hired an SEO and they aren’t doing these four things…Call your SEO now and fire them! Fire them now because they aren’t doing their JOB! Or give me a call and I will fire them for you :slight_smile:


@Eric_Ainsworth haha … multiple times per day … by phone and email and comments spam …

Hello Kind Sir :slight_smile:

So my bro is a Global SEO manager at Kaspersky (BIG antivirus firm) … and he would not know who to hire for SEO services if he had to :slight_smile:


Those all true but if you are starting on 10+ page on Google and you end up on the first page then the SEO guy knows what he is doing and for sure you will feel some extra traffic coming your way.

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Moving your website up in the ranking is a combination of high quality content and citations. If you are regularly posting quality content that is useful to the reader and your citations (any time your company Name Address and Phone number is mentioned ) are increasing you should see movement in your website rankings. If you want to do this yourself you can use IFTTT to multiply and autopost your content across various platforms.IFTTT is very easy to set up and will help you automate your content posting. Have a goal in mind when you either hire an SEO or begin to optimize your own website , that way you can gauge the effectiveness of your time/marketing dollars. Google is looking for a satisfying amount of high quality content and a degree of authority when evaluating websites. Aim to post 800 to 1000 words per article that you post featuring 3 keywords.


What you said is all great, but you need to find time in order to write such high quality content, and even SEO guys sometimes don’t have the required staff do it for you.

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We write our own content and let our SEO pro fine tune and tweek it so it is optimized.


Yes, you might get tons of such mails, but this is something that definitely boosts up your business. Finding the right SEO pro might be hard, but soon you should know they’re doing their job.


We’re very fortunate to have found a legitimate IT expert. He’s got room for a couple of extra clients if anyone is interested. Message me if interested. We started with him in September and had essentially nothing. We just got over 20 leads this past week from our 4 offices combined. Not cheap but the return on investment is working very well at this point. If you’re looking for a cheap fix and/or a bandaid, this isn’t the guy.


SEO is great if you have the time to invest in proper website development, content, link building and have someone doing it honestly in ways that aren’t going to be torn down by the thousands of updates Google does every year. It’s definitely a process, but just like a roof, if you build it right it’ll provide value for a long time!

Also important to credit Eric on his last point on what an SEO company should be doing: rankings are nice, but you can’t pay your bills in them. Have to make sure the terms you’re trying to rank highly for are bringing in leads, otherwise its a waste.

I tell people the same thing with PPC and clicks: I can drive thousands of clicks for pennies if thats what you want, but if they don’t convert, then all they did was cost you money!


What is SEO ? I’m just wondering if I’m missing something. Search engine optimization or something?


That’s exactly correct Mark, the ultimate goal being to get your website to rank highly organically for a number of terms related to your business.

This is DIFFERENT from AdWords (PPC) which are search engine ads that always show up at the very top and very bottom.


We actually hired a seo company for our roofing company about 3 months ago. I was impressed i must say. I was on page 5 of google and now i am on page 1 in the top 3 spots in google. So yea search engine optimization is worth it if you can find the right company.


Most people go to Google when they need something so getting on page 1 of Google is huge. We hired an SEO company a few months ago and we’re now on page 1 for some keywords. Still not where I’d like it, but it’s been worth it so far.

http://www.centralvaroofing.com/ is my site.