Harmony 35 Year shingles and Dakota 25 year shingles

My house is currently being re-roofed with 35 year shingles, I noticed there are several bundles of Dakota 25 year shingles also up on the roof. I assume the Dakotas will be used for the ridge caps and hips.
Is this a common practice by roofers and am I looking at a 25 year roof vs a 35 year?

The roof is only as strong as its weakest point. If you cap a 30 year roof with 25 year caps…you have a 25 year roof.

By the way…i think the shingles you are using are by a brand called BP. They will never last 35 to begin with.


Yes it is a common way for roofers to cut corners.

Unless they use a double layer for the caps. Your ridge will wear out before the rest of the roof.


Yes it is a common way for roofers to cut corners.

Unless they use a double layer for the caps. Your ridge will wear out before the rest of the roof.[/quote]

Thats pretty common in the south, maybe it’s because most are poor and roofing companies charge extra for the propper ridge. It’s common here to put a 25 year ridge on a 30 year roof. However when I did complaint jobs for GAF double ridge was supplied. We all know how it should be , but the contractor has the call.

Is BP an IKO spin off???

Building Products of Canada is what BP stands for.

Thanks a lot for the quick replies. From what I see
the caps are double layered so I can live with it.
Im in the October/November of my years so even if the
roof lasts 15 years, Ill probably go before it. Just
trying to check on the work that Im paying for.
Yes, its BP also known as EMCO, and my other option
was IKO which seemed to have a number of negative
Again, thanks


Cant believe im saying this but…“i would actually use iko before BP.” :?

The deed is done so theres no turning back. I had 4
estimates from my local area roofers and all were
offering BP or IKO.
Im sure a shingles life span is dependent on the type
of climate its installed in and Im out here in the west
coast “rain forest” where theres lots of rain in winter,
little frost/freezing and summertime temperatures
seldom get to 95F.

They dont sell those shingles in my region(florida)
I haven’t heard of them.

But i just googled harmony,dakota and i have to say…
Those shingles look good.

The site i saw showed “Harmony” as the 30 year shingles and “Everest” as the 35 year shingle.
Don’t know if it is an old site or what.
All the manufactures have decided to extend their warrantys even though their shingles didn’t even last as long as their shorter previous warrantys

The 30 year harmony looks pretty good.
But that 35 year Everest, i must say looks awesome.
The color shading on those dakota 3tabs don’t look too shabby either.

I would give that brand a chance.
They have a very pretty shingle.

and to answer your question, yes it is common.
More common than not.

and to your other question, It doesn’t matter if it says 40 or 50 year on the package.
You are still going to replace that roof at 30 years or less.
Talk about roofing scams… :roll:

double cap huh? Those guys are hooking you up!
I guess that means the double 25year cap is going to last 50 years now. Sweet.

I want to see what those shingles look like on your roof. Please,please show us some pics if possible.

I had to follow up and take a look for myself.



The site above has all the information on BP shingles and indicates Harmony
has a 35 Year warranty. Didnt look closely but it appears BP is available only in
the North East and North West US
My House: unfortunately I do not have one of those newer cameras so no photos
available, but the shingles are “shadow black” and looks very similar to a plain
black roof.
Questioned the roofer and he said double capped ridge will last as long as the
Harmony shingled roof…

BP’s are the worst shingle going by far,beleive me I know…Garbage