Hail Sales Inquiry?

I followed a storm to Baton Rouge where there are many claims/jobs. I am new to roofing sales and left KY and my family in the hopes of much money. The company I am employed with insists on me pitching to the customer that we do NOT give estimates, Just have them sign a contract, meet the adjuster and hope that they come in above $200 a sq. if they dont then file a supplement and wait to turn the job into production until the supplement covers at least $200 a square.
This is the typical sales scenario:
(homeowner)“My insurance company told me to get some estimates? (me)Sir, we don’t give estimates, we just work for the amount of your deductible…However, we will give you $500 for a sign allowance in your front yard which will cover your deductible in most cases.”
(hommeowner)oh! okay where do i sign?"

The problem I have is that the majority of settlements are 130-160 a square (i’m including everything when i say a square)…Being that this is not sufficient to cover our costs we have to file supplements and keep the customer on hold till the additional money is met, if it ever is. Obviously this creates a problem between me and the homeowner. There question is always “I thought you didnt need an estimate?” “Why then cant you install our roof with what the insurance company gave you?”

My question is, being that I am new to the industry of storm/hail sales, is it normal for storm chasing roofing companies to tell the customer there are no estimates given? Or, do most storm roofing companies give an estimate and structure there business differently within their sales department?

I am considering looking for a new employer, I have 70+ deals in my pipeline but I don’t feel confident in the way the transaction is being conducted.

Any direction/thoughts?

Thank you,

Tell them what you told us?

I give home owners estimates for storm work before a price is given from the adjuster.

It states,
Will do the work for $XXXXX or the amount agreed upon by the insurance company after final review. Quite often my estiamte for the roof is thousands more than the adjusters. If they have good insurance usually they pony up and pay what I want.

Let me guess the company you bird dog for has no estimating software?

I cant understand why Insurance adjusters are averaging around 160 a square (i.e. sq.=all items included)?
The homeowner couldn’t replace the roof themselves with the monies given!
I would have never thought the Insurance companies would lowball people when they pay roughly $2000 a year for insurance.
If there is a con in the storm work, its the Insurance companies.

I pay less than a grand a year to insure $225K worth of house, plus contents with a $1K deductible. Most home owners I know personaly pay about the same per year for insurance. I have overheard home owners complain about paying close to $2K for insurance but they own $500K-750K homes.

Had an adjuster from Southern MN call me today to tell me he got his estimate with a software I don’t like up as much as possible. 23sq 8/12 $7,000 or $304 per square. If written in my software it would have been $350-400 per square. Told him I could do it for that much. He told me in Southern MN for that same roof the insurance companies would pay $175 per square.

Just got off the phone with a home owner letting him know his estimate was in the mail. He asked how much I said, $11,596.28 he said Oh my G. He claimed to have gotten an estimate a few weeks ago for $5,100. His first check from the insurance company was for $7,100. Wrote the estimate with the same software as his insurance company uses.

The home owner was already thinking he could pocket $2,000 on the deal.

We must do it a different way than you guys because when we deal with insurance companies they dont write the check to the homeowner but to us for the amount. That way, no homeowner can pocket the so called extra money and not commit insurance fraud.

Give me a call

From time to time my business name is on the check from the insurance company but more so from the mortgage company.

The long wait it can take from both the insurance company and mortgage company is well worth it knowing you are getting paid in full for the roof.

Been running to the bank a lot lately not to get paid but to get paperwork notorized. Finally the banks are smarting up to home owners committing insurance fraud!!!

It is rare for independant or cato adjusters to put your name on the check. Usually it’s the local adjusters that put contractors on the check. Have been told all a home owner has to do with a contractor on the check is call and complain and they send out a new check with no contractor.

That reminds me gotta go look at the same roof again for hail damage after a storm chaser told a home owner the roof was shot and they needed a new one. Don’t these people/salesman have better things to do? Guess not!

not sure if thsi goes with this topic or not?