Hail damage on 1 year old roof

So i have a home that was built March 2019. we had hail damage in Florida 2 months ago. I made a claim with the insurance and they built enough proof based on pictures and estimates that the only items that need to be replaced if a few damaged shingles and dented all the vents.
The insurance only wants to pay 5K to fix the roof. however, my contractor claims that replacing the venta will mean they have to take a significant amount of shingles out and they want to claim a new roof against the insurance company. The insurance company reviewed my challenge and said that the damages in the pictures taken and report provided by the adjuster does not warrant a new roof.

What is your recommendation based on this. Let me now if you need more details. i hope i provided enough information for someone to recommend next steps.

If only the vents are damaged they are simple to replace
If theres no damage to shingles why replace the whole roof.

Thank you for your prompt reply. It’s much appreciated.
According to Ins. this is what the adjusted recommended to replace

  1. Replace the damaged shingles on the front, right and left slopes.
  2. Laminated - comp. shingle rfg. - w/out felt 10% wasted added.
  3. Roofing felt - 30 lb.
  4. Roofer - per hourTo support the trip.
  5. Prime & paint roof jack
  6. R&R Roof vent - turtle type - Metal
  7. R&R Exhaust cap - through roof - up to 4" 11. Prime & paint roof vent
  8. R&R Flashing - pipe jack - lead
  9. R&R Fascia - metal - 6"

the contractor claims that they need to remove a large portion of the roof to replace the items above. I dont know enough about roofs to know if what the contractor claims is true or not.

If the metal vents are damaged then I’m guessing the asphalt shingles are as well. I think I would be aggressive on pursuing a new roof on that one. There are a lot of very knowledgeable roofers here that know way more than I. Authentic?

In FL, if you have O&L option with your policy, the IC it’s obliged to replace the entire roof if 25% of the roof is damaged. Sounds like your contractor fancies themselves as an insurance specialist. Tell them to focus on the right things and not some the BS you described.

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