HAAG Certification...Anyone Take The Course Or Any Other One

HAAG Certification…Anyone Take The Course Or Any Other Roofing Certification Courses?

P.S. By going to their site, I noticed that they are running a 50 % Discount on currently unfilled classes.

I saw an ad in the RooferSexchange about the HAAG course with a $ 75.00 discount.

Would this “Certified Roof Inspector” designation be worthy of any merit in a customers opinion or would it just be more added fluff?

Here are some links to become better versed on the topic:

This course runs between 295.00 to 395.00 and seems to be an online certification.
Try this link instead:
moisturefree.com/admin/boar … tegoryID=8

Here is the course schedule for the HAAG Certification Schooling, for the remainder of 2008.

Here is the link to the RCI, (Roof Consultant Institute), Registered Roof Consultant Program.

Let the discussions begin.


It would be better as an adjuster rather than a contractor but if you can learn from it it sure wouldn’t hurt doing.

They are comming to my area, may go who knows.

Only met one adjuster who was a self proclaimed Haag certified adjuster.

He had no problem circling the blisters on the roof then writing in his memo to the insurance provider that he spoke to the contractor and came to an agreed upon price. Funny thing is we never talked money.

I carry their shingle gauge and books with me in all work vehicles.


Which books do you have?

Which are the ones I should purchase is what I mean?

Do you use those when meeting with adjusters or home owners to validate the damages found as looking typical to the ones in their manual?

I carry one issued by the PLRB, Property Loss Research Bureau, which is the edited version of several HAAG publications compiled together.



The Haag books I have is the cedar shake/shingle book and the field book which shows mechanical, manufacturer, hail, wind etc to asphalt shingles.

The book is great because it shows almost all the manufacturer defects which is worth showing home owners more so than the hail and wind damage. The book is also nice to show home owners who may try to pull a fast on their insurance carrier.

You have a shingle gauge? Very nice to prove to adjusters what type of shingles they should be paying for.

More than likely the information you have is taken from the Haag books.

Most roofs that I replace have an original 3-tab roof on them.

I have seen an adjuster use the HAAG guage one time only, which I determined to be predicated on how hard a person squeezes the guage onto the shingle, to determine the true relationship thickness. Also, a longer warrantied fiberglass shingle would show up as thinner than a shorter warrantied organic shingle, based only on total shingle thickness.

Yes, the PLRB book is 100% content, edited for the benefit of the adjuster position of denial, if tightly scrutinized, all from content from all of the HAAG documents I have read previously.


The gauage is designed so that you slide it through the shingle and when you get the first resistance you stop and look on the gauage to see were it’s at.

One side is for laminates the other side is for fiberglass and organic shingles.

Some food for thought. Both 30 year laminates (you determine the shingle on the thin spot) and the 20 year 3 tab fiberglass shingle both bottom out on the gauage.

Used the gauge to prove to adjusters that the shingles are in fact organic when they were going to pay for comp. Also used the gauge to prove to adjusters 40 and 50 year laminate shingles when they were ready to pay for R&R 30 year laminates.

As a matter of fact gave a gauge to an adjuster that brings me to jobs so we were both on the same page.

I added a working link to the above list, per a request.

This warranty offers up to a 7 year warranty on someone else’s existing roof that you inspect and pass. There is a fee to the customer depending on which length of Peace Of Mind that they would like to purchase.


moisturefree.com/admin/boar … odID=16313

MoistureFree Warranty Corporation is a nationally recognized company, which has provided a peace of mind to thousands of homeowners with a MoistureFree Warranty. MoistureFree has developed an inspection certification specifically for inspecting residential roofs: The MoistureFree Certified Roof Inspector program. This new unique program provides inspectors the opportunity to increase their income by offering an additional value added service. The MoistureFree Certified Roof Inspector training program provides details related to: proper installation of roofing materials, how to identify critical areas common to roof leaks, and other key roofing criteria. This in-depth knowledge allows inspectors to offer this service to: ü Realtors ü Home Buyers & Sellers ü Existing homeowners seeking an independent evaluation ü Home builders that want assurance that a roof is installed properly MoistureFree Certified Roof Inspectors will be sought out because they are the only inspectors who can approve an existing roof for the no-fault MoistureFree Roof Performance Warranty. MoistureFree has begun to create awareness through existing relationships that this service and warranty is available. Realtors, builders, and homeowners seeking MoistureFree Certified Roof Inspectors will be directed to our network of inspectors If the client purchases the MoistureFree Roof Performance Warranty you’ll be paid the following fees for your services: $35-3 year MoistureFree Roof Performance Warranty $50-5 year MoistureFree Roof Performance Warranty $75-7 year MoistureFree Roof Performance Warranty

Your post said that Haag was offering 50% on their course if you go to their website? Can you please direct me. I’ve been on/off their website for the past few weeks and have never ran across this 50%. Thanks

It’s on there, but takes a bit of searching. I found it again two days ago.

Google; 50% discount, Haag

It was NOT for the HCRI, (HAAG Certified Roof Inspector) 3 day class though, just the open classes, whatever that means.

The 50% discount appears in a slide show at the top marquee on the page listing the class schedules. They have an awful lot of related sites and you have to bounce back and forth from one to another.

Another possibility, is to call the phone number directly and inquire.

The last 2008 class is in the Chicago area this December, then the 2009 schedule begins in January and next September they begin a Commercial Roof Inspection course.

Also, pretty soon, the classes will be available online and probably for a deeper discount due to less physical staffing and space rental logistics.