Gutter question/issue

I had a local roofing company put seamless gutters on a few weeks ago. They subbed it out to a gutter installer and they had them up with new downspouts in about 2 hours.
My issue is i have had them back out twice to adjust the hangers because they are letting water through between the gutter and the fascia and even BEHIND the fascia. This is the third time they have screwed the hangers through the gutter and fascia, and i’m concerned about having 3 sets of holes PER hanger in the gutter now. They have caulked everything, but not perfectly. Even after the last adjustment where the hangers (Hangfast) were finally installed correctly i still have drips from a dozen or so places. I dont want to be that jerk customer, but i also paid money to have this done correctly. Should i be concerned about the extra holes in the gutters from incorrect mounting? I have researched how the hangers are supposed to be installed and they are still angled wrong, even if they are at least in the right position on the gutter now. I believe this is why they are still leaking from the hangers. The other spots are clearly coming from previous mounting holes they didnt fully caulk.

I paid a deposit up front but have yet to pay out the balance. The roofing company has been apologetic and good about fixing it, but that only goes so far if you cant do the job correctly.

My main question is should i request new gutters since they will have to put a fourth hols in them to get the hangers installed right? Or is 3 blobs of caulking every 2 feet OK? (these are 5" seamless gutters, the first 2 attempts put the hangers in the middle rear gutter wall). If caulking is acceptable(i’m not thrilled with it if it is…) I may just fix the hangers myself.

Sorry for the long rant, any advice is appreciated.

You seem like a reasonable person and I think you are well within your rights to start fresh with the gutters. At some point they just need to start over and gutter coil is not expensive.

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Thought i’d update, they came out and replaced the metal, at the right height, with the correct hanger install, and one hole per hanger. Roofing company PM babysat the whole thing. I have to say i am super impressed with the customer service.


Good for him and you for handling it in a reasonable manner. I think everyone on this site appreciate these kinds of endings.

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Things happen, he fixed it. Way it’s supposed to end up.

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