Gutter apron at corners - how to cut/overlap, etc


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Does anyone have pictures or diagrams, etc, that shows how to install gutter apron at corners?

I am looking for cut and overlap detail to prevent leaks and can’t get it in my head how to do this.

It seems that I would use two pieces at the inside corner with some type of miter cut, and possibly bend/cut just one piece at outside.

I know I have seen this before, but can’t find it now.

Using 4" x 3" .27 aluminum apron, roof is 10/12 pitch, both inside and outside corners.

Any help is greatly appreciated.





Put the bottom piece on first. Overlap the side piece so any water would flow over the top.


I guess, a gutter apron in this case is a piece of .027
aluminum L- shaped piece of metal that goes from under the drip edge and down the fascia, behind the gutter?
If that’s the case, then just fold the ends up,
around the corner of the wall, then nail it, in the folded area. pre-cut the side piece to match the angle of the front, then before installing it…run a bead of poly based sealant over the nailing area, then install the side piece. It is better to sandwich the sealant and plan on it , than to just do it because your trying to hide a bad cut, or a gap.

If you talking about the Alcoa fascia apron, that is part of the gutter system, being the hanger area on the rear of the gutter…i would end the fascia apron at the corners, maybe give yourself a 1/4 inch of play, and then using a small piece of left over gutter material, fold it over the corner joint, and set it in sealant…then pop=rivet it into place.

hope this helps…



Thanks Lefty and thebaycompany.

Yes, I am referring to the L-shaped version.

I got it now.

Just had a brain freeze.

Have a safe day,