Gtp's Xactimate alternative


Help me understand why xactimate 2.7’s version is only been udpated for windows 7 and small skeching ablities when is not that easy to work? DOnt you think easy would use less time, make more money since time is money and a more productive salesman = more money. Unless we forgot the pricing structue for the insurance side that is second to no one.

Dont people like things easy? if you have xacatimate the software im talking about well its like supercharging it and throwing in 500hp shot of nos on all the time. You can implement it to the software but all its used for is pricing differences. thats all that program provides. 4 minutes after you get this down and its very simple 5 uses and you down to 4 minutes start to finsh all paperwork and contract iron clad. If you think about it this makes better sense and pays for itself in 1 insurance sale, also there is 100% money back if you dont like it.

I dont make squat off of this. since i am disabled gives me something to do. so im not selling it just speaking facts.


Acculynx is pound for pound the strongest total package software on the market for roofers and especially insurance restoration contractors. It was built based off of one of the largest roofing contractors in the US with sales of over 150 million since 2003.

It is the ONLY roofing contractor software that integrates with Eagleview(the strongest player in aerial roof measuring), has a push/pull relationship with Quickbooks, is backed by ABC Supply, Allied Building Products, HailSwath and more.

With thousands of users already acculynx has stormed onto the market and will continue to dominate through its continued Research and Development and cutting edge technology. Things to come include fully capable phone apps, multiple supplier price database, an expansive commissions module and more.

There really is nothing like it. Often imitated, never duplicated.

4 years of development and millions invested, Acculynx is hands down the best, most efficient and innovative program for roofing contractors.

Give it a try for yourself for 30 days free. There are no contracts, cancellation fees or huge upfront costs. Pricing is based on user count, so the more people you have, the less you spend per user per month.

The licensing fee is much like a cell phone. 20 years ago, cell phones were unheard of in the contractor world. No one would have spent thousands on phones for all their sales reps, laborers, managers, etc. Now, everyone has Smart phones with internet, email and calendars. Contractors cannot live without them. This is much like acculynx. Once the benefits are noticed, it is just a cost of doing business the right way for the future.

All upgrades are included, never download an update again, never have to get a disk in the mail, just login and if there is a new feature, you get it automatically.

Acculynx values the customer and most changes or future development is based on the customers ideas and feedback. It is not your old school excel program or ms access database. Cloud computing is the way of the future and is how acculynx does business. Store an unlimited amount of files, PDF’s, word docs, and images. Never lose the pictures for your jobs again!

Xactimate is for insurance adjusters. Acculynx is for roofing contractors.

Acculynx offers a portal to import any price list you choose in CSV format.

Keep your current cost of materials and labor so you may see profit forecasts and job costing prior to signing a contract with the customer.

The new and improved online sketch tool lets you import Eagleview or diagram a roof on your own. Drop in collateral items like vents, pipe boots and redundantly create an estimate based on your insurance pricing. Create templates for Statefarm, Farmers, etc or for 30 year, 40 year, Cedar and Slate. Do bids in seconds.

Then create your PO’s and Crew work orders from your estimates once you get the job! This is all done in a click of a button.

Manage your production, crews, notes, schedules, sub pay, etc.

Acculynx has easy to print forms for invoice, estimate, order, etc.

There is really too much to talk about. They also let encourage you to talk to current users and companies doing millions in business using the system. What better form of reference is there?

Check em’ out at

or call them at (866) 981-5969


Ok aculink+ web interfaced = cell service and they do drop calls dont they.

Program im talking about has geo built in quickbooks ready can import xacatimate for live pricing hourly, ease of use, 30 seconds with geo 4 minutes without using your measurements. Also it is designed 2 was for insurance and resdential. siding windows whatever its there. Please dont try and tell me a product that i researched fully and found flaws in. now nothing is perfect but if i have to rely on a wifi card, i dont trust them. Xactimate is for adjusters and well when in insurance work either you speak their language your not not getting top teir money. SO they are close to the same other than the web based glitch that will happen. I am willing to bet if you checked out the program im talking about you would see major leaps vs aculink. Up to you your money not mine.


Also, try 1 billion in sales using the program in 6 months same company. I am awaitning a response. You know that i am right. It is a flaw that can not be fixed without a complete overhaul. Hey you can use it and have good luck with it. but if you have ever dropped a cell phone call think about it. Now that program is smae in few ways but the ease of use and when everything is there even if your battery dies you can go right back to it no problem. If you are in the middle of the estimate and you lose your web connection for whatever reason tell me what happens? do you tell your customer im sorry mr jones i cant give you an estimate since my computer internet is down. Please give me a break. Out of the woodwork 8 posts shaking my head. Please respond

Oh answer you lose everything ans start all over. Hence here endith the lesson.


Hi folks…
What is the application that you are talking about? I’m not finding it in the thread… thanks!


Please PM me about your program.



I have been in roofing over 25 years. For the past 20 as a manufacturers tech rep manager. Performing job site evaluations, leak repairs, and inspections on commercial low slope as well as managing 6 other reps daily activities. Besides a couple side jobs a year my residential and insurance work has been non existant. However, I recenntly lost my job and have decided to take the risk of starting my own buisness… I would like to start off. With the best software available to mame certain I am competitive. I read your post and sympathise with your position to help at no finacial benifit… I have done the same from a technical stand point my self numerous times. What would you recommend for me to purchase for ease amd sucess


Besides proofreading and spell check. Lol sorry could not see what I typed.