Grip Rite Smooth Galvanized Coil Roofing Nails

Good day everyone, does anyone use the Grip Rite Smooth Galvanized Coil Roofing Nails you can find for pretty cheap at HD? Some of the reviews are not so good… rust easily, heads coming off, jamming the nail gun at unreasonable intervals.

What do you guys use on customers’ roofs?


The grip rite nails are actually better than some of the other Chinese crap that gets imported by the boatload.

Our cheap nails are branded by our supplier, they are decent nails for being electrogalvanized.

I agree that Grip Rite would be one of the better electrogalvanized nails out there brand wise.

Thx gents… much appreciated.

You say they are bad
But i think ive learned grip-rites are the only electro-galvanized nails that are actually good without buying specific Hot-dipped or stainless.

My roofing supplier loves me.
I feel i get good prices
But yet i can get my nails from Home depot
( grip rite) for cheaper AND way more rust resistant.
Here in sunny florida this is how i like to do it.
My underlayments are pitch specific and so are my fasteners.
Above 2/12 stainless
3/12 hot-dipped
4/12 to 6/ 12 Griprite
7/12 and up- Chinese or really not concerned with origin.
Because You dont see fasteners rustIng out on a 7/12 in florida.
I have but Only if they were Incorrectly installed nails, low nails( exposed fasteners)

Owens Corning Duration being the exception
to this
But that is because it is a bad design.
Their design encourages the water to sit right on top of the fasteners.

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below 2/12, stainless

Below 2/12- torchdown


Amazing how often you get the deer in the headlights look when you try to explain why a lot of holes is not viable in a low slope situation…But shingles are for roofs, right?

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Thx for the break down. It would explain the bad reviews when people use the electro galvanized on slopes of 3/12 and 2/12. My pitch is 3/12 and trying to find 12 gauge Hot Galvanized or Stainless coiled roofing nails with not much success today. All the roofing suppliers in the area were closed or closed early today. I suspect they should carry those by the buttload. Home Depot has no such thing on hand or through their ordering service online. The shingles we got calls for minimum 12-gauge shank with 3⁄8" diameter head… do you guys worry about that much or do you just use 11 gauge and call it the day?

Added to favorites.
150 dollars for 7200 stainless Nails is a good price.
6 nailed results in 15sq.
Great fasteners for only 10 dollars per sq.

Yes it is but they nail you on the shipping (pun intended) :wink:

Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to help me