Got shingles replaced - I see exposed nails on top of shingles. Is it normal?

I got few damaged shingles replaced today. The pictures of after work seems too messy with nails on top of shingles. I was told it is like this only! Being a new user can only upload 1 picture here so uploaded before pic in the comments.
Please advise. Thanks

I am adding before pic in comments as I cannot add more than 1 pic in the post. Thanks

After pic -

You’re in Ontario, probably half the patches I see are done like this.your correct that it’s lazy and sloppy.
They also should have replaced more shingles,there’s more wind damage.

Very sloppy, lazy work but will likely outlive the roof. They could have least caulked the exposed nails. What’s frustrating is it wouldn’t have been that much more effort to have properly sealed the top row of shingles down with adhesive.

Should I ask them to come back and do it properly…which I highly doubt they will come back. Being first time home owner clueless about all this stuff! Saw the leakage in the ceiling board in attic so called the roofers. They found torn shingles and fixed it so poorly. I just hope the leakage is fixed. Any thoughts !

Sloppy, roofing is not difficult and I see this type of workmanship often, sad.

Can i ask how much they charge you for that ? Also they use dimensional shingles instead of 3 tabs. Thats ok for a $50 repair :smile: