Got a dead lead from Service magic

I got a lead from service magic one out of the thousands they promised but dont deliver and before i could set an appointment the guy email,s me back and said he already hired someone to do the job,Now either this contractor was camped out in this guys back yard or the lead was dead in the first place.All i know is Service Magic sent me a dead lead and charged me for it.Roof leads are $40.00[whether you get the job or not] gutters are 6-$10.00.I wrote Service M and told them i want a erfund.Have any of you guys expereinced Service Magic?

Dear Mark,

We received a notification of referral yesterday, when I accepted, they said it had already been referred to the maximum number of contractors. They did say I would not be charged. I doubt my reply was over 5 min. since receiving the call. Does anyone know what the pecking order is? We just signed up last week. Mostly, the leads are for small jobs or stuff we don’t do even though we have a limited profile.


We were finally able to accept a lead for a skylight leak that was not fully referred and called and e-mailed the customer immediately. We did not receive any reply until I called the Cell# again this morning when the customer stated that he has already contracted with someone else! I guess you have to be “johnny on the spot” to get a shot at bidding these jobs. We do get several referrals a day, but the work we want is already referred when we accept after receiving the notification and reviewing the lead. I wish the fee was tied to the bid. We will keep trying. Again, I ask if anyone knows how the leads are sent out?

I tried service magic and found that they are no good and went to and I can tell you they are the best. Made money all year with them.

Yeah is real good,I gotta another dead lead from service magic today for a roof repair.I hate to admit it but I think i got duped by service magic.think about it ,they probably make more off of dead leads than they do the guy who gets the job right? DUH!they send the lead to 30 different contractors and only one gets the job but service magic gets 30 contractors to pay them for the ONE lead.WHAT A SCAM!!! i CAN TELL YOU GUYS THEY HAVENT HEARD THE LAST OF NORTHSTAR CONTSRUCTION.tHERE ARE RESCOURCES OUT THERE THAT LOVE TO GO AFTER SCAMMERS.

hmm just a thought but i signed up for both Service magic and and I’ll be dammed if i aint getting th same leads from both. Granted one is a free trial period but im getting the same leads. Service magic is roughly a day or two behimnd respond .com

My company received the same poor service from service magic. Do what I did call the better business bureau.

See this goes to show the power of a negative experiance… First of all these are all very old and we no longer use the system you are reffering too. We have two ways for you to receive leads now. One sends the homeowner your profile and NO MORE than three other providers in that area if they match the zip code you tell me you wish to work and the task you offer (we have broken down all of the major tasks in and outside the home.) The second system is a one to one match where the customer actually chooses you after viewing your profile, no competitor the homeowner actually calls or contacts you directly!

Again I have full faith and confidence in my company and will answer any questions!

We are owned by IACI a Fortune 500 company who also controls,, Ticketmaster, Expeida, to name a few. We have over 40,000 contractors that use our service. We have NO cases of fraud!

I am a former contractor and love working for Service Magic because of all they do for YOU the contractor and what they guarntee the homeowner! I recommend this service to my mother and friends! Nice to know the person comming to your house not only is licensed to do what he says, is insured, and passed a criminal background check.

Again, I apologize if you had a bad experiance (was long ago) but we have changed the system a lot due to feedback such as this. Remember we have two customers you and the homeowner and I know we do everything we can to take care of both!

Here is the link to our BBB report… Please keep in mind when viewing we have over 40,000 contractors enrolled and over 2,000,000 visitors that visit our site each month…

Service Magic has been calling me on the phone for like 2 years now asking me if I would like to use them I keep telling them no. I think they are quite annoying personally. I think it’s a waste of money to pay that much for just one lead that might not turn into work.

I get plenty of leads off the advertising method I use and it doesn’t cost $40 a lead or a start up fee. So I will rely on the methods I know work. They are alot more cost effective.

wow i never heard of so many complaints for such service… definetly i would not even consider it… The phone finally stopped ringing from the “done right” guy which basically i had to list in the do not call list and almost ended up arguing … Because he must have called me like 3 times a day … i dont want to go down that alley again with another service of that kind :evil:

service magic!?
man the world is gonna implode on itself one day.


[quote=“SYS”]Service Magic has been calling me on the phone for like 2 years now asking me if I would like to use them I keep telling them no. I think they are quite annoying personally. I think it’s a waste of money to pay that much for just one lead that might not turn into work.

I get plenty of leads off the advertising method I use and it doesn’t cost $40 a lead or a start up fee. So I will rely on the methods I know work. They are alot more cost effective.[/quote]

I appreciate your response and apologize for the calls. I do know if asked to be put on our do not call list we do our best to follow through on that. If you are in a high demand areas please understand why we might try and secure a good contractor for that area. If we have homeowners that need that work done in that area we are failing them if we provide no one. If you send me an email I will make sure you are removed from any further interest in your company.

I also understand where you are coming from and am in no way claiming that we are always going to be the best method for every company. 40,000 contractors have found us to be a great tool for their company and for those that stay with us a year or longer averaged an increase in their annual sales by 28% while decreasing marketing costs.

If you are looking to increase productivity or cut costs by reducing windshield time then we are a great fit. If you find yourself wishing you could focus on more profitable/enjoyable work then we are a great fit. If you want a marketing tool that creates a web page and spends close to a million dollars each month making sure homeowners find it, then we are a great fit. If you feel word of mouth is a great source of business for your company then again we provide an excellent fit by allowing your customers to provide ratings and reviews helping you sell your company before you even talk with them.

Lets look at a worst case scenario. Lets say I send you 10 leads at $45 for a new Asphalt Shingle Roof Install. That is $450 you just spent for one job. How much did you make off that roof?

Lets say again worst case scenario you barely broke even, you still made a profit by taking care of that customer who not only will sell your business for you by giving a rating and review but what about all that time your trucks spent in front of his home? I am sure at least one neighbor, friend, or family noticed their new roof. I also am sure they will ask who did such a great job!

Now the next Service Magic customer comes along and submits a request. They see the website we create for you. Sees pictures of your work and more importantly they see a rating and review from your customer. They have examples of your work, they know you are licensed, insured, criminally checked, and they have references!

So how much was that one sale really worth now? Now you are closing more of the leads I am sending you. And to be honest this still does not touch the power and control we give you.

Why does it seem to make more sense or be more cost effective to mail out thousands of direct mailers where the average return on investment is around 1-2%? I also want to make it clear I am not down playing any other marketing tool as they all achieve what you are looking for. But I will debate whether or not my service is cost effective or not! Especially when you can tell us when you want work and when you don’t, when you tell me exactly where you want to work (so create a 2 mile radius for all I care) for the EXACT type of work you WANT to offer. If we fail in that then we will provide a lead replacement.

Simply put if you are too busy, I can help. If you are not busy enough I can help. Service Magic is an EXCELLENT tool for any company that takes an honest look at. Again why else would we have over 40,000 contractors?

Here is what one of your peers had to say about Service Magic.

“Since joining ServiceMagic, our revenue has increased 25% while our marketing costs have dropped 50%. Thanks to ServiceMagic, I’ve been able to purchase three new trucks!”

I have used ServiceMagic for about 2 years now. I have found them to be a very good source of leads and have made a substantial amount of money from the service they provide. I believe that like with any service you have to know how to use it effectivly in order to make it work for you. It did take me a few months to understand how the system works and how to use it effectivly. If you do the math on it, I was running an add in the yellowpages for about $800 a month, some months I would get a lot of good calls other months I didnt get very many, other months I got calls but alot of it was very lame people just shopping. End result was that I didnt get the bang for my buck like I do with ServiceMagic. At ServiceMagic least they afford me the opportunity to target home owners are at least some what interested with getting the work done. For the price they have a good program. If your looking for a magical fix to make you gobs of money, I think your expecting a little much, but if your looking for a better source of getting qualified leads, ServiceMagic has worked out great for me.\015\012Thats my 2 cents.\015\012\015\012John McHenry\015\012McHenry Roofing Inc.

Yes I agree all the negative responses is why I am here trying to discuss them. Most of them seem to be unrealistic expectations or not fully understanding how it works. That happens but for the most part we do a lot to correct these issues. Again in order for us to continue growing as the leader of this type of service than we have to constantly change and make improvements. If you look at most of these responses they are also old. Service Magic started in 99. Again I would be happy to address or take care of any of these issues.

I will even make a guarntee that the next five contractors that come to me off will have their one time application fee waived as long as they come back on here and give honest reports of their success or failure with our service.

These reviews are old and I look forward to proving my service and my ability to make sure you are successful with us.


Why is it so hard to see you pay for leads no matter what marketing tool you use. Yellow Pages, Direct Mail, TV & Radio, etc… YOU PAY FOR THE LEAD.

Do the yellow pages call you and ask if you are sure you want to talk to this homeowner or not? Do they give you a credit if that homeowner lives outside of the area you serve or for a task you do not offer? Nope but we do.

Be reasonable and be realistic. If every service request I sent you was a automatic sale don’t you think we would be charging you a much higher lead fee. Is every lead I send you going to be a sale no. Will it be extremely targeted? Yes! Do we spend lots of money and time figuring out ways to make sure these homeowners are serious before they submit the request. YES

Why do you think the NY Times and USA Today use us?

There is NOT another marketing tool as effective or targeted and I still stand by that!

Renovations expert is absolutely the best service out there. They charge me a $200.00 a month fee, so I’m not charged per lead. I can except as many as I wish. I receive approx. 5-8 leads a day. I get to pick and choose which leads suit me. We do all types of remodeling though, not just roofing. Its worth checking out. Service Magic is a joke!! Customer support is non existent at Service Magic. They’re new spin at Service Magic is they claim to be a advertising firm instead of a referral service. That way they can take your money and refuse refunds when you receive erroneous leads.

Ummm you are being charged for every lead… And even worse you are paying for that service even if you are not using it (monthly fee and the inability to turn off leads when you are busy our out of town…) So those leads are even more expensive now!

I also will ONLY send you as many as you wish as long as the demand is in your area. How much time do you spend sifting through leads instead of concentrating on the right ones?

We also cover every task inside and out and have broken down every major category to help even further target the right customer for you. For some reason I think you have mistaken my company for another.

Customer support non-existent? Hmm not sure what you are talking about we have a call center of close to 400 to handle both homeowner and contractors questions and concerns… Non-existent?

I also do not understand your claim about our new “spin.” What spin? I think we are quite upfront about what we offer and provide. We are both a multi-million dollar advertising source and lead referral service. Two for the price for one, not bad if you ask me. Thanks for pointing that out!

Our focus is also primarily on the homeowner. If they are not happy they will not use our service and neither will you… Our goal is not to sign up every contractor but quality contractors!

As far as renovations… I know very little about them as they are not one of our major competitors, but I am sure they also provide a valuable source for contractors to find homeowners. I am happy you found them and wish you the best of luck! Since you see the value of this type of service please let me know if you are interested in growing your business even further. I would never recommend using only one type of marketing service even if many of our contractors have decided to use only us…

So everyone knows I am not here to trash talk or even sell, I am here to answer any questions and correct any misconceptions…

Thanks for your time.