God or Bad Roof job? Vent, flashing, rippling and tile pattern concerns

We had a new roof put on and I’m worried they can’t tell if they did a bad job.

Bottom circle is an air vent.
Middle circle is ripple near the chimney
Right circle is flashing that is not flush and gapping.

I’m concerned about why this vent is in the middle of the roof and there looks to be ripples and sags bear the chimney. Also the tiles don’t seem to follow a clean pattern.

Is it possible to tell if this is a good or bad roof install?

That’s an intake vent, it is most likely at the bottom of your attic,which on old homes may start in the middle of your roof.

Rest of it is pretty typical old house stuff, not perfect not terrible. The flashing looks ok,the bump is probably a board being thicker or a high spot in the rafter.


Thanks for your help. Here are some closer photos so you can see what we are worried about. The house is definitely an older house from the 1920s and the roofer told us our old roof was done exceptionally well.

The type of vent isn’t something we see much out this way and we see some tiles curling up there. Do we need to be worried there?

Also I put up a better picture of the flashing. Should it be gapping in the front? I haven’t been able to get up there yet to see the back.

Then the skylight photo shows in the back corner where the flashing seems to jut above the light.

Last photo is from the front of the house where there is gapping in the flashing at the peak of the roof and the wall. Is that prone to water damage? Should that be flush with the wall?

Also is It normal that the trim on the house would be damaged and not repaired from a roofing job? Is that typical and expected?

Thanks again shedding some light here.

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Looks like an overlay and that is a hack job on that chimney. The cuts are ridiculous and the caulking looks like something a toddler would do with applesauce.


Yeah upclose the chimney is pretty ugly.
They need to get the backpan on the skylight to sit lower to,they might have not removed a piece that they didn’t need.

I am seeing nothing here to say something is wrong with this roof.

Yes, i could improve a couple things.
The few circles where the shingles were butted a lil too tight.
Super easy fix.
Usually i dont even need my knife.
I correct this at the end of every job.
I’ll find at least one or two.
Ask your roofer to take care if it when he is coming to pick up his check.

A gap on the bottom corner of the counter flashing? Not a problem.
Sloppy “looking” sealant at the counter-flashing top?
I can forgive that, because i know how easy it is for the stucco to break apart when doing this work.
The excellent polyurethane sealant he used to cover the counter-flashing was also repairing the stucco.

Nice thick grade shingles!
You have to pay big bucks to get shingles that thick here.

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Roof lover,
Doesn’t it stand to reason that if we can see these “minor” sloppy details that the things we can’t see, like nail pattern,could be even worse? If I see crooked hips and bad valley cuts on a tile roof we have come to repair I can almost guarantee shoddy
work on the all important underlayment.

Tileman, yeah, but we dont see evidence of the things you describe
And this homeowner is thinking his roof is a bad job and needs to be re-done.
That is not true.

What is going on with the right side of the skylight halfway down?

Complete reroof is probably extreme but with detail like this I’d be afraid to see what’s hidden.

What do you guys suggests at this point? I’m not sure we have enough “proof” of what underlying issues there are. We went up on the roof to try and spot check area and those photos are posted.

Do you see anything else we should be concerned about?

I saw some nailing next to the skylights that seem overdriven based on what I’m seeing on the internet. And not sure why the two nails are overlapping each other.

I would love to think there is nothing wrong but my senses are telling me otherwise.

Thanks for everyone’s input.

image image image

That roof looks like it’s 10 years old! If I’m seeing the pictures properly it looks like there is a lot of scarring, which will significantly reduce the life. Maybe it’s just dirt in that valley, can’t tell.

Aside from that the one dealbreaker for needing a new roof would be improper nailing so it will require a reputable contractor to inspect, and not someone with an agenda who just wants to torch another roofer.

We tried to lift the tiles in several places and couldn’t do so and the tiles didn’t come up done. It took a bit of elbow grease. We are going to look again to see if we can get any better views.

As for the scarring, we couldn’t tell if it was dirt. We will try and run a hose on it to figure it out.

Is this part that I circled in the image with 1 circle the valley you were referencing earlier? The pic with the 3 circles is that same area but different angle and time of day.

Thx Tileman!

No those are just minor sloppy details. I wouldn’t try to self diagnose the roofing job. If you truly feel it is not done properly then spend a few bucks having it inspected.

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New pics you posted…
Dead valley looks good.
Plumbing flashing looks good.