Getting Started

Hi, I’ve been a roofer since 99’ but now I have started my own business and I am finding it very difficult to get any jobs. I want to know if anyone can help me figure out how to get started. I know everyone says that advertising is important but when you are just starting out you don’t really know what to put your money into and I don’t really want to spend all my money into advertising because it seems that when your a new company no one really wants to hire you to do their roofing. Also no matter how much experience you have no contractors want to sub out work to you because your a new business. I would like some real help as to what to do? :?

Well not sure where you are, but we have found recently in the last year the FREE good old Craigslist has been a BIG free source of advertising that works very well. But it is very time consuming. works well too you pay for leads though. but biggest best advertising is and I think all ways will be, word of mouth which takes time.
Good luck to you and yours.

Knock on doors in a neighborhood that has aged and decrepit roofs and introduce yourself and ask if they would like a free roof inspection.


Brochures and yard signs are cheap and effective. It’s also good to get in with a few general contractors if you can as they are normally a source of steady work. A client base in a re-roof market takes a long time to build.