Getting decking covered

Insured has confirmed she has code upgrade.

Short back story, decking is 3/8 and not a nailable surface due to having multiple reroofs and someone went thru it at tear off. 3/8 isn’t available in our area. While 7/16 is, this isn’t in Xactimate, so commonly, 1/2 is estimated for. Adjuster told us to get letter from our supplier stating the same…

Then sends an email denying it all as it was not damaged by wind/hail.

I’ve had other claims with SF cover decking no problem.

I’m at a loss here for the insured. ** She has requested a manager to speak with but anything else I can do in the mean time?

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Goes to code. Solid nailable surface, Thickness is also a code item. I’ve had to raise hell with state farm on this, also 24" centers with no H clips. Had the adjuster screaming! LOL

Maybe an hour after I posted she called me and said he called and was rude but said he’s paying for it…now he only allowed replace but I’m gonna wait til next week and get someone else to help me in the cat center.

It’s absolutely ridiculous how every adjuster is different. I had another SF back in August and after a RI he paid it no problem.

Authentic Dad is the insurance expert here, I usually defer to him, but I enjoy putting jackwad adjusters through the wringer!

The HO is the stake holder here. If the Insurance doesn’t pay, they have to. So they should be calling their Agent and the Manager. If the Manager was rude, the HO should call their Agent and report him. There’s no excuse. If decking had to be removed, take plenty of photos. Turn in with final invoice as post job supplement. Make sure you mention it was cost incurred and must be paid.

Get HO to file a complaint with the State Department of Insurance with a copy to the States Attorney General. If enough people would just take these steps, this crap would slow down and possibly stop.


I have started having homeowners file complaints everytime there is a major issue. But i did not know about sending a copy to the states attorney general. Thanks for the info!