Gettin color samples

startin roofing again does any one kno how to get color samples for the shingles like certainteed to show customers or even a brochure for the different styles

Go to a supplier and request some sample boards

Or, direct them to the manufacturers website.

I use full board samples and a software with sample template houses on my new site that I can create the new colors on their roof before I do the job.

I also have the full version on my computer so that I can use their actual home and change the colors and styles before I meet with them.


Based on your last two posts, I thought I might offer you a few other tips for getting yourself off the ground that helped us in the beginning. I apologize in advance in case you already knew these things.

Order professional business cards. Vistaprint has great cards, and you can get 250 premium cards for free and only pay S&H. Their website is

Advertise on your local Craigslist forum. Its free, and it gets your name out there. I cant say how much business youll get off your ad, but its one form of free advertising. You can also get good deals on used roofing tools off their forum. It may help you save money while your just starting up.

Stay on top of your license and bond. Its expensive, but getting in trouble for not having an active license and bond is far worse.

Finally, utilize other free methods of advertising. I have put up flyers in my local post office, mailed out introductory letters to local contractors and insurance companies, and realtors. Roofers and the housing market are closely tied together. Best of luck to you. Roof safely. Have a good year.

I recommend staying away from the realtors, you will get little if any work from them.
They will want a lot of estimates though…


We charge realtors for price quotes.

We do alot of real estate work.the boom the past couple years has been good to us.its sad that its died for now.I do understand staying away from them though.We have some good ones which arent the norm.but if you can find a good one your in.Who else goes to the sheriffs sale and buys 30 properties?