Gerard/Boral metal roofing (Granite Ridge - driftwood)

We have metal shingles on our home (mfg: Gerard/Boral; style: Granite Ridge; color: driftwood). We are building a very small addition (approx. 6’x8’) and would like to match the current shingles, but the “driftwood” color is no longer available. Any suggestions about finding a distributor or installer who might have some on hand that we could purchase?

Go to the boral web website and request a sample/s.
From the old color chart driftwood seems close to the new timberwood, order a sample.

click the order sample box located here:

Or contact boral to find the nearest location that sells it, they should have some on hand.

Best thing to do sometimes is to not try to match. It is a small area so you could accent it with standing seam or something decorative that compliments your existing roof.