Geodesic Dome - Folding Asphalt Shingles

There appears to be more than adequate slope to install cedar shingles on that detail.

I wouldn’t put cedar on that but if it lated that long with masonite I would have no problem installing a non laminated shingle like a grand manor on it with proper transition flashings.

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Good news- the pitch is more than 3:12 not much but more. 2:12 was the minimum.
Bad news- the replacement skylights were discontinued and they only told us after tear off so now they will have to finish the roof and come in two months to do the skylights. That is really concerning considering all the skylight/leak/new roof stories.

After all this I asked if we could add the extended warranty for an additional $3400 or so and they said it was too late. My bad. It did rain good on I&W last night and all seems well.

Thanks again all.

Waiting for custom skylight isn’t a big deal. We do a lot of custom work and run into it all the time. We typically just built a custom fully soldered curb and flash it into the roof, then measure and order a custom curb mount skylight to fit, we cover the curb opening with a box made of 2x4’s, half inch plywood and ice shield. I have had them sit for months burried in snow with no issues.

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