Gargage roof ? metal roof or asphalt

ok maybe this isnt the palce to ask but I have a 24 x 24 garage that has an asphalt roof on now 3 tab. There are huge pines that hang over it somewaht and the needles are getting under the tabs and lifting them.

I want to either do a tear off and reroof with Archtech shingles or maybe do a standing seam metal roof. I feel the metal would work better in this case as everything would slide off.

I never need to get up there either. I wonder if even going with the Archect shingles it will still “hold” the needles on it.

Whacha think ?

Depending on what you want to spend.Metal will be at least 2 to 3 times the cost.Architectural shingles will still hold the needles but should not lift them.If you have the money,go for the standing seam,IMO.If moneys an issue go for the shingles._John

when you do your standing seam,
make sure it is not a system that has screws
in the flat of the panel, for they will catch
the pine needles.
put the screws in the crown of the panel or install an standing seam that has no exsposed fsteners.
the pine needles will slide off.