Garage ceiling dark spot?

Hi all! New here but thought I could get some answers here on what may be going on in my garage. We started renting in April and I’ve been trying to hunt down a smell. It seems worse on hot days. Almost a tar or even BO like odor. I noticed a dark spot on the ceiling. Also is this normal to have a ceiling look like this? I don’t know much about roofs/ceilings but this looks like old shingles underneath a new shingle job? First pic is of the black spot, second pic is just of the overall ceiling style.

Here’s the overall ceiling style.

They nailed the shingles on top of an old cedar shake wooden roof.
Yes, you have leak.


Do you think that leak is most likely past tense as they installed a water shield underlayment and new shingles? Is that black spot anything to worry about if it’s not leaking?

Also any idea if the underlayment is what I’m smelling on hot days? Is that something that could give off an odor months or years after installation? My hair and clothes smell funky after being in there for even a few minutes on hot days.

If so would installing drywall on the underside (which they probably should have done anyway) seal the smell?

No idea . You need to monitor that spot and see if it’s wet after heavy rain. Definitely don’t cover it up with drywall until you confirm it’s not leaking or you really would be asking for trouble (mold growth if it’s still leaking).

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Maybe scrape off anything loose on that shingle and paint it. Would make it super obvious if any water is coming through in heavy rain.