GAF TruSlate

Anybody used this before? I have a customer wanting to price this, I have never seen it. If you have used, whats the labor install per square?




Why would you use someone else’s price?

Figure out how long it will take you. Then figure out how much you need to stay in business and then how much you need personally in that period of time.


Why would you use someone else’s price?

Figure out how long it will take you. Then figure out how much you need to stay in business and then how much you need personally in that period of time.[/quote]

I was looking for a ball park number to compare to my estimate of labor. I think, according to comparable metal and tile labor, $100 a square to install a a 5:12, mixed one to two story 70 plus square home.

This is considering shingle install on similar home, in my market, would be $30 square, concrete tile $50, metal $50-$70.

I also would like to know if anyone has installed itas well.



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I would not use it on a 5/12.

There is not enough overlap. The underlayment is a key waterproofer with this system.

Not like regular cut slate. Where you could lay the slate without any underlayment at all.

100 a sq to install? Last winter, at a gathering thing where they brought that product up, I asked how much most people are generally charging since at the time I had a potential job using it. They told me depending on which size, guys could be looking at between 250-400.

There is also a special installation technique for a 5/12. Anything less you can not do it on.

Why not 5/12 and up?..whats the point of them if ya cant??

According to True Slate’s website you cannot install at a 4:12 or less. So 5:12 should be okay but there are special instructions for it.

It is because the slates are so short. A standard piece of slate is 18" or 20" long, True Slate is only 12" long and is hung on battens instead of nailed down. So at a shallow pitch there is more likelihood for leaking due to wind driven rain.

I have heard these slates are imported from all over the world, but mostly China which we know China slate is really fragile so you will need a lot of waste.

Sounds like a crap roof system…basically just hanging there,I wouldnt want it.

I heard the most rare colors are the only ones imported from other countries. Most of them are out of the south is what I remember. We have a meeting with the Gaf rep tomorrow to go over this stuff because we were asked to put it on a home for one of those home tv shows.

I did a job in Indy a few years ago with the original “Elk” version of this product.

Typical labor is at least 200 per square. Its not difficult to install, but it is time consuming.

I would recommend using Deck Armor (or other Synthetic underlayment) with the system. Also buy the film that goes between each course.

Material is typically around 400-500 per square (not including underlayment). The distinct colors (red, plum, etc) are more expensive.

Its a good system, but the hanger/hooks are visible from the ground.

Certainteed now has a comparable product. Might be worth checking out.

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Underlayment is the roof—Deck Armour/IWS/Plastic liner installed under slates-Slate only has 2" headlap and it is almost impossible to get anymore than that because of the width of battens and length of hooks-Headlap is just to help hold slate in place because the slates just butt together so the plastic liner installed under slates is the waterproofer-the instructions and installation video are not very informative-we installed a 40 sq. job for homeowner who purchased materials-Labor was over $500/sq…still not enough…takes longer than you think and we learned a few methods along the way to help with the installation that were not on any of the info given by gaf-also would not use chinese slate,cupped,twisted ect.for a 12" x 12" slate very poor-started changing colors in 3 weeks from black to brown,plus pyrite bands started showing up
(rust color)not good…-I could go on and on (ha) Oh and we tore of a Lamarite roof that was 2 yrs old.200pcs split and cracked…Go with the Real Slate/Metal or top quality shingles,will save money and have fewer headaches.

This is a real crap system and an insult to anyone who has installed a real slate roof. GAF is again trying to reinvent the wheel. It will be off the market soon enough. real idiocy, no headlap whatsoever !


Certainteeds new product is a synthetic product, not a natural slate product.

some of the synthetics are OK. Davinci is a real nice looking one and great to work with.

You are not doing your customer any favors by installing that product… it is a joke.
It is a poor attempt at providing slate…
how long do you expect the hangers to last?

BTW the DiVinci looks nice but does anyone
remember the Owens Corning Mira Vista?
None of these products are proven and, so far,
all the previous attempts to introduce synthetic
products have failed - 100%. What’s the chance
the DiVinci will be the one exception?

Come on guys… think.

you may be right. I remember all the fiber cement fake slate failors. Remember Eternit and Suparduar ? I always new they were crap.

well james; i know this reply might be late but if u need certified tru slate installer let me know . took the 2 day class. does that make me a pro?during the class i kept asking the instructor about ice daming he made a call to his instructor he said no cocerns at all. i’m not sure wear i stand on the integrty but sure looks good. also not passing on any work right now. we tradional get buck and a half a foot just to install slate in the north east.these are sub prices these companys give me plenty of work.tru slate has more componets but definatly moves quicker.oh yea my whole three man crew is certified. toss a thread if u need a crew.we do epdm,tpo,slate,bur,and we still shingle :shock:

Hi we have a Tru Slate roof and the slate was from China this was 2012. We are having a horrible issue with the slates rusting. Can you give me any new information about this happing elsewhere?
From Texas

It happens everywhere and they won’t back it up.

Can you give me any information that you are aware of?
We have 120 squares. It’s quite a large residential roof