GAF Timberline Shingles Warranty Question


Looking to get more details on what the GAF Timberline shingles warranty ACTUALLY covers. I have read it and it looks like it says that in the first 25 years GAF will pay to repair or recover the affected GAF product if there is an application error. What does this actually mean?

Also, I have been reading the Landmark Certainteed warranty, and they don’t mention paying for labor if case of application errors at all. Does this mean, they only cover manufacturing defects?

Would you say that because of labor coverage GAF has a better warranty?

Thank you


Are you reading a GAF golden pledge warranty?


Owens Corning warrants labor as well. I don’t know about GAF or Certainteed’s roofing warranties. However, Owens Corning’s warranty varies based on the installer. You can compare OC warranties at the following link:

I’ve done a few warranty jobs for Owens Corning in the past. I can honestly say, Owens Corning stands by their products. Just have to make sure to use an Owens Corning Preferred contractor for the install.

Just putting another option out there.


No, the All American, I believe its their basic warranty


Look to see if it covers granule loss, this is important and affects the life of the shingle directly.


All these warranties are confusing. There are standard manufacturer’s warranties that cover the materials. Several manufacturer’s allow their “Pro Contractors” to extend those warranties and include workmanship as well. Owens Corning is one if you use their Duration shingle. Not sure if it applies to other products. An OC Pro Contractor can offer a 50 year non pro rated materials warranty and workmanship warranty. The Pro Contractor pays additional to OC for that warranty. Whether they upsell and pass that cost on to the Homeowner is up to that Contractor’s discretion.

Here’s the reality about warranties and how they should play in your purchasing decision. In my own experience, most of the warranties are mostly BS. They’re no better than the company who is warranting the product. With the exception of Tamko, every other company I’ve worked with on Manufacturer’s Warranty Issues sucked. Like pulling teeth to get them to honor their warranty and then they’ll pay as little as they possibly can. That experience includes GAF, Certainteed and Owens Corning.

My personal recommendation is to focus on finding the best roofing contractor for the job. Any of the shingles from Atlas, OC, GAF, Certainteed and Tamko will perform fine for you if installed properly. Manufacturer’s Warranty issues happen about 1 out of every 400 roofs installed in my experience. You should get a 5 year workmanship warranty from a reputable roofing contractor. 99% of any workmanship warranties will show up in the first 6 months to 2 years. A good, reputable roofing contractor will likely take care of any blatant workmanship issues regardless of how long it has been since the roof was built.

Put your evaluation effort in the right place and forget about all the warranty mumbo jumbo because that’s pretty much what it is.


All companies try to minimalize loses on warranties. It’s just good business. Also, just an fyi, OC, as of this year has stopped charging preferred contractors for warranties.

The real problem is, many contractors don’t even register their customer’s warranty. OC has recently started cracking down on contractors that fail to register warranties. I was talking with some fellow contractors about this recently. They had never registered a single warranty. If the warranty isn’t registered, it doesn’t exist!

Warranties serve their purpose. If a contractor is having a problem getting warranties honored they are either misrepresenting themselves or the warranty. If we tell a customer their OC roof has failed due to workmanship or material. OC steps up and covers their end if a warranty is in place.

Telling people warranties are not valuable is disingenuous at best. At worse it is an a blackhat sales method to trick unsuspecting people into buying a lesser quality material or hire unqualified installers.

I recently replaced a a roof that was put on by a customers friend one year before we replaced it. It was a disaster. The guy paid his friend 11k to do the job. Shingles had blown off, flashing was horrendously and there was a host of other issues. If there had been an OC warranty it wouldn’t have cost the customer anything out of pocket. Instead, it ended up costing him 11.8k to get it done right. Now he is left to collect via lawsuit from his ex-friend.


I’m happy your experience with OC has been better than our own. We’ve had 8 to 10 clear warranty issues off the years. Every one has been difficult. And after approving the warranty, they don’t want to pay much to the pro contractor for reinstalling the roof.


GAF seems to be the best at warranty. At least between Owens And Tamko


Ditto, I think this is right on, except, I don’t see wiggling out of warranties “good business”. Manufactures have the knowledge to build a product that lasts, I think they should. A product that omits the wiggle room from poor installs for example the OC Sure Nail Technology, a great improvement and no more you didn’t nail it right excuses. Where are the other companies on this, thinner, better shingles, well ???

My experience with OC is similar, several years doing warranty work for them! All good!

I do believe manufactures should be a more honest with the warranties, 50 years, really? Most count on installation issues eliminating warranty claims. What about better, install-proof shingles backed by trained installers.



Written warranties are not the whole answer. What’s the thinnest shingle on the market?


Gaf is paper thin and won’t last just compare in your hand to landmark or Owens you’ll see


Authentic dad is absolutely correct. Put your efforts into finding the best company. Check either sec of state in your state to see when they were incorporated so you know how long they’ve been around, anyone can give s multi- year warranty, but have they even been in biz that long. Actually check their references, as the local roofing supplier who they think is good and who actually pays their bill on time. I personally would waste my time with checking the BBB, it’s mostly a check to write, and means very little. Like being a member of the chamber of commerce.
Remember, your home could be liened if they don’t pay the supply house. This biz is unfortunately FULL of great roofers that are horrible businessmen, are you don’t want to be caught up in their problems!