GAF Timberline HD Re-roof


Hi all,

I was wondering if someone could take a quick look of the pictures of my shingle re-roof in progress to see if it raises any flags. The job is being done by a local roofing company with a good reputation. They’re also a GAF Certified Master Elite contractor.

Link to gallery of pictures:

The tear-off/underlayment was done last week. Most of the shingles were put on today and planned to resume tomorrow.

I noticed that it doesn’t look like the starter strip or bottom shingles go over the drip edge by the 1/4" – 3/4" recommended. It looks like the starter strip was only used horizontally and not vertically as well. The flashing around the electrical mast also caught my eye. I was expecting one of the boots that I normally see on houses around here. Would any of these things be concerning or at risk of jeopardizing the GAF Systems Plus manufacturers warranty? This is in Florida.

Any other thoughts/opinions are greatly appreciated.


In florida (worst codes in the country) they will fail your roof if you overhang your shingles over your drip edge. Also vertical starter strips are optional (and completely not necessary in florida as its also a code to glue the shingles down to all drip edge with roofing cement). Yeah, I’m not a fan when people do pipes like that either but it can be done in those tricky situations. The nailing looked a bit sloppy but probably 90% of roofing companies to sloppy nailing.


They did everything right!
Very impressive!
I cant criticize a thing!


Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.


The lead boot on the tall pipe looks like it was cut and it’s not tall enough to fold over the top of the pipe.

Everything else looks fine.


I don’t know what people are talking about if I was to do a roof like this I would be fired somebody did not know how to flash or use a pipe boot if you need to use tar you need to put the gun down


Its not my perfered way to flash a pipe either but thats code in florida. If you do it any other way they can fail your roof.


Or have to follow Florida codes.


Joseph Atwood and everyone
Will you re-look at all the pictures please.
The picture that is disturbing you so much is not a plumbing pipe.
3rd photo down showing the whole roof side.
Its an electrical mass.


Florida electrical mast or not the work looks terrible on that one. You can get a clearer view from the OP’s link.


Yes, it should have been painted to match
And any excess scraped off.

Many described it as tar.
Ive never seen white tar before
But i am probably behind the times…


It looks like water cut off mastic to me.