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I’ve read just a few notes on this board and I’m hoping for more feedback on what both consumers and the pros think of these. Anyone know how long they’ve been on the market and what, if any defects are being reported. How does the quality look to you pros? Is it a 3 tab or Arch? What do you think about difficulty or ease of any overlay in the future? (Does it have much dimension that may make any overlay an issue in the future)?

In general, is it too late in the season to re-roof? What is the rule of thumb on temperature needs for effective sealing? Ex: Minimum of “x” degrees for “x” days…?

Thanks much…This girl has learned a lot about roofing in the last week thanks to you guys. If any of you would like any recipes or knitting tips…give me a holler!


I have installed several of these types of shingles with no problems as of yet. As far as relaing overthem i would not suggest ever doing that with any shingle. You lose half the life of what you just bought and it fails early.


Man gtp1003, you keep beating me to the punch today! :stuck_out_tongue:

Once again, I agree with gtp1003. I never recommend roof-overs, because like gtp said, it reduces the service-life of the new roof.



My oldest Slateline job is 15 years old. Still looks like new. You put Slateline on your house, chances are you will not have to worry about putting on another roof. So an overlay should not be a factor in your desicion process.

It is not to late to shingle. Slateline has a very aggressive adhesive.

Where are you from?


if installed under 40 dergrees, you need to manually seal each shingle with a dab of tar to keep it sealed until spring when the tempature rises enough to activate the tar strip from the factory.


I’m a Certainteed guy, but this is an excellent shingle. Seals like no tomorrow in the sun, so much that if you step on the tar strip during the install it wil rip the shingle right off. Do not install over another roof… it is a lifetime shingle, so you’re saving money on labor and putting it on materials while still not getting the full performance? Doesnt make any sense. And, another reason, typical US shingle has a 5" reveal, where I think slatelines have an 8" reveal, which means you will be buying 37.5% extra shingles and covering the shadows. The roofer selling you this option is a knucklehead. Move on to the next guy.


sorry, i misread, you want to know if you can overlay in the future… YOU wont have to unless you’re about 20 years old. If a time came to overlay, it would not be a good idea regardless of whether theyre archs or three tabs because unless you found a shingle the same size, the new shingles would continuously keep coming to… ummm, for lack of better terminology, having to be laid over an uneven surface. The roof would be garbage in five years is my guess.


Last i checked the slateline is a 40 year shingle but i dont sell much GAF.


Thankyou gentlemen. I appreciate your responses. I’m of the thought to do a tear-off. Primarily because I don’t want to be putting one on now, and putting another one on in 12-15 years…maybe less. Also figure it’s a selling point to do the tear-off should I sell sooner.

I haven’t actually seen these yet and I’m still not sure, are these architectural or three tabs? And if I can clarify please, are there a certain number of days that temperatures have to be 40 degrees in order for the shingles to seal properly? I want to do this job right and don’t want to blow it by doing it now versus the spring when the seal will likely be much better. If I asked for them to do a dab of adhesion, can anyone guestimate the additional cost per square (Central New Jersey area).

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my prior questions.


my guess based on i live in central NY is that you would be safe installing it until probably mid november without manually sealing it. it is a designer 3-tab shingle with a limited lifetime warranty (if installed by a GAF authorized installer)


As GTP says, who do I write the check to. If theirs lasts a lifetime, mine lasts a lifetime :smiley:


that made me laugh. Its true tho.


Regarding tear-off, I’m still leaning that way but now a new piece of info I got is that it can be a pain with vinyl siding (roof over garage butts to exterior wall on 2nd floor). Sorry to be a pain but can I ask for opinions please.
Thanks again.


Thats true. The only pain in the butt with vinyl siding though is that if the flashing is not good you have to take off some of the vinyl siding and then probably the siding underneath off… on the other hand… if the flashing is not good, should you be going over it? Still no, is my opinion. DO NOT GO OVER YOUR ROOF, it is junk! WHEN I go over a roof, I call it a repair. As I state often, I do not price by the square, but generally if you broke it down a go over for me is about two thirds the price of a rip with about 1/3 the life expectancy so it is not a value. I do go overs with no warrantee for rental owners and people trying to please clueless home inspectors…


[quote=“Severance & Gallant R”]

As GTP says, who do I write the check to. If theirs lasts a lifetime, mine lasts a lifetime :D[/quote]

the warranty period when installed by a authorized or master elite installer is 50 years non pro rated…after 50 years until the day the homeowner dies it is pro rated (hence…it is warrantied at least to an extent for life) the warranty is transferable to the next owner for free until year 12. you can write the check out to marshall exteriors :smiley:


No you wrote a check to GAF thats what we mean by that. Its just a game thats all.


I can’t seem to get many responses to my other post asking for a comparison of the Certainteed Hatteras (seems most like the GAF slateline). Can any of you gentlemen help. My other two considerations are Timberline Ultra andCertainteed Landmark50. I’m trying to go middle of the road to good quality and I’ve decided on a blue roof. Please guys, I’d really appreciate comments.


personally on my roof i would choose timberline ultra


Thank you Marshall E.


Landmark TL 50’s here