GAF / ELK Requres Ventilation Under Shingles

For you old time ELK customers be aware that the warranty requirements have changed after purchase by GAF. Now you MUST have a vented deck under the shingles or the warranty will not be in effect.

Specifically, GAF/ELK states: Limitations on Coverage: © inadequate attic ventilation.

I thought that went without saying since they were all like that. Most roofs are not ventilated correctly to begin with.

For anyone with a house that has an older exposed soffit system (i.e. with a blocked header), it’s either put in some form of low to the header wall intake system, add a ‘true’ intake where the insulation doesn’t block it, or end up with a voided warranty.

That means the addition of a ridge vent or other powered exhaust system will also need to be addressed.

But what if someone has the Golden Pledge warranty filed with the right # of products, but the job doesn’t allow for ventilation? In particular, I’m thinking of those 3’ short Mansard walls / roof edge systems (where there’s usually a parapet wall directly behind the Mansard system).

Sounds like there is no warrenty on mansard’s untill someone comes up with something.

I ventilate Mansards when required.

I use the Smart Vent from DCI Products both as an Intake if needed at the bottom and along the top row with metal capping for Exhaust.