Gaf/Elk Prestique Lifetime Shingles in Pewter Gray

We found a roof we really liked that was done 5 years ago. The color was Pewter Gray Blend in the Timberline Ultra series. I picked up the sample board and this sure looks different compared to the roof we saw. The actual roof we viewed looked much more consistent in color versus the sample board. Does anyone know is this the same shingle as 5 years ago? Thanks in advance.

Yes. The old GAF timberline colors were a bit different before there foolish Elk buy out. I liked the older color line much better. They like to make things complicated its driving a lot of guys over to Certainteed.

Do you think the change would be noticeable once you have the shingle installed? I look at the sample board and the brochure and the shingle looks really busy. Especially in the brochure. The one on our neighbor’s house is much more muted.Does not look like there is much color variation. Do you think this would still be the case for all practical purposes? Is the natural shadow product line a better fit?

Natural shadow is a basic color blend…and by the way The new Gaf/Elk shingles are way better then the old Timberlines! I.M.O.
I have installed the Pewter gray,and they are not that busy…but it is up to you…I prefer the Prestique…

yes the shingles are much better if you would like to call me you may

I think there much worse. the new ones have lots of loose granuales and are metric. the old ones were made in Millis,Ma “GAF laid everyone off and closed the factory”. Millis made a very good product. It seems more like ELK bought out GAF. conservative colors are what sells in New England.