GAF/Elk Barkwood Architectual Roofing 2009

I had a new roof installed on my home 9 years ago. It is the GAF/Elk. I am in the process of selling my home and an inspection found that the roof is totally deteriorated and needs to be replaced. 4 people (contractors) have looked at it and the first words they have said is “I’ve never seen anything like this”. I then discovered that there was a class action suit against this roofing that apparently was closed in 2015. The company is asking for the bill of sale for the roofing which I do not have. The contractor never gave it to me. Do I have any recourse against the company?

Honestly, probably not. Also while the GAF/elk name isn’t around anymore (they just absorbed the name elk when they purchased a competing manufacturer) “GAF” shingles are still alive and kicking as a very large roofing manufacturer.

Thanks, I’m out $11,000 due to a faulty product. Seems like the company would like to save their good name

Sorry to tell you shingle manufacturer warranties are generally worth about as much as the paper they are printed on. Most times you get a respectable 20 or so yrs but sometimes you get the short end of the stick. And even if you get kind of payout its usually prorated to the point of almost not even being worth the effort.


You said that they weren’t manufacturing the Elk shingles anymore. Then why does my local building supply have samples of them. That is where I found out just who they were maufactured by

Old samples perhaps. I am 100% they got bought out by GAF around 2007. While they are still being manufactured they are officially known as “GAF timberline prestige HD shingles” now. But elk as a brand and a name is dead.

I am not a fan of GAF material but they do stand by their warranties I will give them credit for that.

Contact GAF and see if they will send out a sales rep to look at your roof.

The roofing supplier that provided materials for your roof will likely still have records of the deliverys to your address.

I cant imagine how bad a 9 year old GafElk could be unless it was installed on a low pitch with trees hanging over it.

GAF and Elk were two totally separate companies. GAF bought out Elk. At the time, warranties were 5 year everything (if that) and pro rated following that. Materials only. Those shingles probably sold for around $60 per square at that time. What you would get, if they approve warranty, is 21/30 of $60 per square or $42 per square. If you have a 40 Square roof, you’d get $1,680. Unless there was more paid in the class action and you can still claim on that, that’s it. And given my experience with GAF, you’ll be lucky to get a penny.

Thank you. Sounds like I might as well just eat it and chalk it up to experience?


No trees. It is completely open. High pitch and low pitch. Both are bad. Crumbling to pieces

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