GAF Cobra II Rigid Vent Is Shingle Over needed

Hi I just installed these on my ridges.

My ridges can not been seen so I was wondering do I need to actually put shingle caps on these? Are the shingles for aesthetic purposes or is it required by GAF?

I have used silicone to seal the joints where each panel connects. Thanks in advance.


You are supposed to cap them also i hope you used 3 inch roofing nails. You really have to cap them that caulk you used will only last for a few years. I hope you did not use the nail gun to install it.

Yes it needs to be capped, the sun will deteriorate the plastic if it is not protected.

As GTP stated, use a minimum of 2 1/2" nails, hand nailed.

Thanks for the quick response guys . I will put the shingles on top.


glad to help.
we’ll be here after the next few rains.