Seen G-tape. How do you go about using it? Does the paper need to be straight? Or do you measure off the shingles make a mark and apply?

Its so simple anybody can use it and make their roof look like a pro did it !!

  1. install your ice and water shield.
  2. install your metal drip edge.
  3. install your starter strip.
  4. install your 1st shingle
  5. Take the mark on the G-Tape and put it on the TOP of the shingle.
  6. Roll the G-Tape up the roof.
  7. Roll another strip up the roof every 15-20 ft apart.
  8. Chalk lines up the roof, putting the chaulk line on the mark that says…Chalk line here.
  9. install shingles per manufactuers directions, putting the top of the shingles on the chalked line.

if you look at the G-Tape website, all of the directions are on the site with detailed drawings. There are also other roof scenerios that you may run into where you can use G-Tape.


thanks might try it one day.