Found mold on roof on inspection - buy the house or not?


Here are the pictures of the mold. Found it on an inspection. What do you think?

Should I buy ask for a small discount on the house and repair? I’m told this is a pretty cheap job (low thousands) to fix and not a big deal.



The Most important thing is to determine the cause of the problem. Once the cause is established determine what needs to be done to remediate the mold it and prevent it from reoccouring.


Just speculation, but likely due to poor ventilation and/or inadequate insulation. Check to see if the soffit vents are plugged. I suspect the mold is due to condensation on the ceiling, not any kind of leak.


Yes, if the roofs in not bad shape and you can stop the condensation, probably not a terribly expensive fix.
Next reroof,youll probably want all new plywood to deal with it permanently.
Until then get a mold guy to spray it, replace any damp insulation.


A wider picture of the attic would be good. Most of the widespread
mold we have seen in our area like this is usually a dryer vent not exiting the roof sheathing. It just pushes the moist air throughout the attic space and is darker by the vent itself. The eaves visible in picture do not show any daylight but there may be baffled eave vents further down.