Foul smell and physically sick from new construction


I recently purchased a house in Florida and after moving in I noticed that I was getting physically ill from being inside the house (watery eyes, burning throat, nauseous, etc.). I have hired a bunch of companies to try and figure out what is wrong. the only thing that seems unusual is that my roof has no vents, OSB was used, with Icynene foam. One company said that the application of the spray foam to the OSB that might be releasing these chemicals. Anyone heard of this before? Its so bad I can’t enter the house for more than 30 minutes at a time.


There are quite a few complaints about this spray foam and others. On one hand, it does a good job of sealing the area it covers and does meet many codes that want the walls and roof completely airtight. On the other hand, many people are allergic to isocyanates. In my opinion, vent the attic and use fiberglass or similar product on the ceiling area to insulate your house.


I always recommend insulatiing the ceiling opposed to the roof, in most cases it is much better for both the structure and the wallet. Nothing like tearing off 6" of wet ISO and starting over.