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I have a 2200 sq ft house in middle georgia. Just got a estimate to re roof for $18,500. This includes removing old shingles and felt and reroofing with 25 yr 3 tab shingles, reflashing around chimney, reflashing around sides of dormer,

The breakdown is as follows - remove shingles $48/sq, install shingles and felt $138/sq, steep pitch charge $38 sq., remove and install new ridge vent $650, reflash chimney $700, apply Hydro-stop sealant over brick above roof line at 3 sides $780. Various other up to $18,500.

I think this sound very high for a house this size. I would like to use this roofer because they are reputable but I can’t pay this.

I could probably apply the Hydro stop on the chimney as I imagine it is simply something applies with a pump up sprayer. Does any of you guys know what is involved in applying this sealant? Where do you buy it?

I have been able to determine that he roofer overestimated the # of square by about 18 squares because I have the original invoice for shingles when the house was originally build. If I factor this in I can reduce the estimate by about $3800 and if I could do the shdro-stop myself that would reduce it by another $780 which gets the cost of the roof down to about $14,000 which is still seems high to me?

What do you pros think?


If your house is not a straight run roof and has dormers valleys or what we call cut up then That price is not far out there,established companies have something called overhead lots of expenses.


Depends how cut up the roof is, how accessable the homes roof is, how many stories, and what materials you are using. without seeing a picture of the home i can not say if it is high or not. Have i seen roofs that price with a home of that size, it depends also where as far as status where you live, the ritzier the area the more you pay. As a note i would not walk around a 12/12 roof trying to seal up a chimney yourself.


Original invoice for the roof could have been just that. The original, before they went and bought more shingles when they ran short. Also, we do it all the time in subdivisions. We have 20sq left from 10 houses and order what we need to finish the last home.


No, I built the house and I know that it only took 50 squares.


I would be at 15,250.00 plus 24% if cut or steep or 3660.00 so i would be the alittle more 18,910 and i rarely do shingles.


thought you were at 25 or so 50 squares you got a good deal there.$18,500 you would pay more in my area. Let him do it all for that price.


yeah what happened to the 2200 sq ft house?
are you sayin that your 2200 on the floor has a 50sq



[quote=“gweedo”]yeah what happened to the 2200 sq ft house?
are you sayin that your 2200 on the floor has a 50sq




What makes it seem high to you?


if the home is 2200 square feet and is 50 square it is very cut up. So with that in mind 370 a sqaure is not out of order. It sounds about right.


is this a 4 story aframe house or somethin?

is someone laughin at me?



That price could very well be right. My aunt has a 2100ish square foot ranch house that is about 50 squares so its very possible. At that many square, my price to you would be roughly the same.


considering it is very steep and majorly cut up,that price is low…very low


Hello, I am a roofing Contractor Monroe Ga I would he happy to come out if you wish and give you another roof Estimate for your peace of mind.


[quote=“bagman”]I have a 2200 sq ft house in middle georgia. Just got a estimate to re roof for $18,500.

The roofer is still charging a low price for your job, it sounds like the house is very cut up; remember, its not about the size of your house but the parameters of your roof.

What bothers me more is this…

Sir, you are basically saying that even at 14,000 its still too high? Thats 280 a square! I charge more for a no steep, 25 year shingle, one story, roof only.

You can’t get a Cadillac paying for Ford, but you can’t get a Ford paying for a used Hyundai…


You need to perform your diligence, Request the contractor’s reference list
Interview three clients from the list
Make your decision on the quality of the contractor not the price of the job
After all the contractor needs to make money
Lower priced contractors usually cut corners and this cutting corners will cost you more to correct in the future when the roof leaks then it will paying for it up front


If one neighbor offered you $50 to rake their leaves an another offered $15 to do theirs… who would have less leaves in their yard when you were done?..

Point being if everything goes great contractor got a good profit. But if things get sticky, the money is there for them to do the job right. Better price sometimes means the roofer may have to choose to ignore something that may need a little TLC.

Some contractors push production… other push a job done right… What do you wish for on your home?


I demand to put three-tabs on a certain house when a customer wants me to put on architects.

I demand to put Architects on a certain house when a customer wants me to put on three-tabs.

Tell your roofer you accept his price and you will sign today but you want 30 year architects included in the price. I’m confidant you’ll get it.

It should be a crime to install 3-tabs on a steep roof.(exagerating) A crime to the eye.

It should also be a crime to install architects on a low-pitch roof. (really should be a crime.)