Following manufacturers Installation Instructions of shingles?

For those of you who install roofing do you ever read the installation instructions for the shingles before starting? Do you follow the exposure, offset, and nailing patterns in their directions?

Or do you do your own thing?

Also what would be considered “Industry Standard” in relation to roofing? If the installation instructions state a specific measurement how far off is acceptable?


As far as 30yr dimensionals go, I will check their stagger distance between seams and exposure distance. Everything else, I do the same. hold nails 1" from end and no closer than 2" from seam covering them. Nail through double part of shingle even if they say you can nail higher. Run shingles 12 inches through valley, …

I would also be interested in any other differences that could void warranty if missed.

I haven’t had service calls due shoddy work for at least couple years.
I follow my own guideline regarding offset which is always minimum 5" and nailing is 1 ------- 1111 ,majority of nails in thick strip.
Exposure is not an issue for seasoned roofer,you might start catching different exposure if you dont run two shingles at a time in valley on both main and slave sides which leads to fucked up exposured lines at the end of rows.
Manufacturers guidelines for diy guys.

Best place to visit is the ARMA Manual (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Assn).

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Can I consider what I read in the ARMA Manual industry standards?

Pretty much, ARMA is the standard I follow. Some manufactures deviate so you have to use your judgement. For instance, Most manufactures require underlayment be placed under shingles. Certainteed deviates, slightly. " WHEN UNDERLAYMENTS ARE REQUIRED
The installation of water-resistant underlayment beneath shingles is
required by many shingle manufacturers. Generally, CertainTeed
recommends that underlayment be installed but does not require it
except as noted below. "

Pretty sure they’re reverting to code at that point. IBC or BOCA maybe. Or as they say in Georgia, “That black paper ain’t good for nothin, just make ya slip and bust your ass”

Pop a few lines for reference. I’ve noticed that optimists run shingles uphill and pessimists run em down……….