Follow-up / Clean Up

I have a few questions after having my roof done a few months back. I’m in PA (near Philly).

Some of the shingles still look like they aren’t laying flat. I figured I’d give it some time since it was still cold out. Now that it’s warmed up enough, shouldn’t all the shingles be laying flat by now?

Also, for clean up … my attic is a total mess. Other than a ripped screen, and a tarred and broken patio set, they did ok cleaning up outside. But not inside. Looking back at the contract, it doesn’t mention anything about cleaning up (in any of the quotes I received). I took everything I could out of the attic and covered the rest, but it’s a mess up there. It’s a big job - I’d estimate it at 12 hours - not to mention I have no where to discard of all the mess. Is this something the contractor typically does?

Thanks for any advice!!

Well, on this job here … eview.html

the contract called for new copper chimney flashing. The roofers neglected to install the new copper chimney flashing.
So just because it is, or is not, in the contract does not necessarily mean that it will get done.

A good contractor would have taken steps to minimize the mess and then cleaned up the debris in the attic when the job was done. All part of the job and charged for accordingly. The screen and patio set should also be repaired or replaced.
Call the contractor and let him know about the problem. If he is reputable, and sensible, he will take care of you.

I never clean an attic unless it is brought up at the signing of the contract. I do mention that alot of debris will be falling into the attic. If they don’t mention it, I don’t bother with it.

The shingles may have been jammed too tight together when installed and if it was cold and the shingle had a wave or warp in them,they may never lay flat.Was this a cedar conversion?If so it is nearly impossible not to get some or alot of the old cedar in the attic.If your contract never stated attic clean-up,then your on your own,unless the contractor agrees to do it.As far as property damage he should be accountable regardless of what the contract states,IMO.I know if I even squished someones flowers or whatever,I would replace them without even being asked.A good contractor would have addressed these issues at the time,not months later.Cleanup to me is just as important as the workmanship on the roof.This seperates the hacks from the pros.