Florida tile roof: ridfecap mortar cracking

At my 1 year inspection, numerous issues with roof were identified. One remaining issue: mortar is cracking at ridgeline (weather stripping). Inspector believes faulty installation (used foam and mortar) but cannot confirm. Builder says normal and won’t fix as it is cosmetic.

There have been multiple issues: 20+ broken tiles, wrong/insufficient vents, 50+ tiles not installed with correct overlap, drip line too high.

And, yes this is Boral.

Do I push for a fix? Inspector says they need to pull it off and re-do. In similar cases, roofer had patched the cracks.

For what you likely paid for that roof, I’d want to make certain it was done right. Tileman needs to weigh in.

I don’t think the mortar cracks are a big deal, PROVIDED they wrapped their hipboards with some type of waterproof membrane. They can still be skimmed over with more mud most likely.Of course if they are beyond surface cracks the mud will eventually fall off. My bigger concern is multiple issues on one job. The over exposed courses in Florida is a big deal, especially if the inspector won’t sign off on it.

My home inspector also noted that the “car dye” was fading. Can or should this be fixed?

He said per the TRi, you cannot use foam filled with concrete overlay. It can be foam filled with an approved sealant but not both.

Builder response: not true. This is a type 2 roof. Cracks are cosmetic. Builder will not confirm installation process but roofer told me they use foam to adhere ridge tiles. Roofer said they dont like to fix as it leads to more issues.

Attaching another picture of another roof ridge being installed by same roofer. Not sure what the brown stuff is: mortar or foam?

I like what i see.
He hasnt mortared it yet.

Normal for the hip mortar cracks.
Normal for the dye to fade.
Normal to install foam and mortar.

Normal at 11 months?

I didnt see anything wrong in the close up photo.
The foam is there for adhesion.
It also waterproofs and supports from underneath.
The mortar is for support.
Yes, i hate to see the cracks that meet against the cap.
But seeing his process, i am trying to give you confidence that it doesnt matter.
You dont need to run up there with your caulking gun or more mortar.
Everything is ok.

This is all cosmetic if this is a type 2 roof. The mortar is not your waterproofing. Horizontal rain in FL gets under tile every time it rains. What is under the tile is what counts.The question is: Do you have a watertight warranty, or does it also cover cosmetic issues?

Also, it’s best to have those ridge caps foamed. Back in the day they just used to loose lay them up there and pack mortar around them.