Florida Roofing License school prep


Hi Folks,

i am interested in taking my Florida roofing License test and was looking for a good school for prep test and exam preparation. I have 15 years roofing experience and have a company in Texas but im currently working in Panama City Florida under another companies license. Can you please recommend from your experience???

Thank you in advance


I went to one in the Tampa area a long time ago and I can’t remember the name, but there are lots of prep companies. I will highly recommend you take the prep course. Most should be similar but at least get one the has been around for awhile. The prep is mainly about learning to find the right answer quickly in your resources. Good luck.


Thank you Dtris, did you pass???


I did pass. I am not based out of Florida but we had an architect who wanted us to come there for work so we went to get the license. After I passed the economy went to crap right afterwards and we stopped traveling for awhile, so the license was never kept up.

I will also say the course was worth it for getting familiar with building codes and standards which has helped a lot over the years doing inspections and selling work.


You will also have to deal with the licensing board every 2 years with additional tests.


okay thanks for the heads up roof_lover …great name btw