Florida-Re-Roof Peel/Stick?

I am about to finalize my roofing contractor and have a question regarding using Peel/Stick such as GAF Stormguard as the underlayment over the entire roof.

Will this protect the roof in the event of a high wind shingles being blown off? Second, how does this effect moisture that may get trapped between the sheathing and Stormguard underlayment, can the roof still breath? I have now the option of cover it all with stormguard, or cover the sheathing seams with 6" peel/stick then cover with 30# felt or titanium.

The cost of the entire covering with Peel and stick runs the cost up(28 sqs) but may or may not be usefull in the long run?

I am going to use Landmark 30yr shingles, certainteed starter and cap products. Shingles to be 6 nailed.

Thanks Bob

hey bob,
beleive it or not,
peal n stick is one of the good ideas
florida has come up with,
which mat change next week.
do the whole roof , cause youll see the strips thru your shingles.

other that that sounds like your in good shape.
tell the installer you dont want any high nails
he/she will know what your talkin about.


If the roof is not ventliated correctly the moisture in the attic will be 10 times what you have now. Make sure it is done right. If you need the formula i can do it just give me your area of the home and i wil figure it out for yea. Make sure it is balanced also. Intake and exhaust.

You really don’t need it over the entire roof. Predominately only along the edges and in any valleys. It won’t hurt to do the entire roof (maybe your pocketbook a bit) but IMO doing over the entire roof is over doing it.