Anyone have any experience with certainteed flintlastic stuff? How long does it take to lay? What are the best assemblies as far as base ply mid ply etc…


It’s really quick and clean.


Funny you should ask. Just did a six layer rolled roofing tear off. re sheething, three sqaures, three 28’ sections no end laps in the field looks so so so clean when weight rolled then hand seam rolled Putting a mid ply is deffinitly going the extra mile to get 20 years out of the product. Kind of time consuming by your self to not let it wrinkle on itself on a 80 degree day, but well worth it when you step back to snap your pic.


Hornbeck-what did you charge for the job? Would you lay the flintlastic over 1x6-1x10 or tear it up and re-sheath?


Ummm. I dont have expeirience in putting it over 1x’s. just over sheething. honestly i would think over sheething would look better but like i say ive never seen it over 1x


sent you a pm nailer, too bad i cant figure out how to post pics on here



The flintastic will get hot and soft and conform to the gaps under it. We always re-sheet if the deck isn’t perfectly flat and free of gaps. For the extra buck install the mid sheet.CertainTeed has a field guide and a dvd to help with the details. it is a very clean and user freindly product. Pricing starts at about $425.00 per square for a simple tear off.


liberty-I don’t have the dvd but have thoroughly read instructions-I believe iread something about not leaving base or mid ply exposed over night? If this is indeed the case about what can you cover back up in a day?


I’ve seen the base left exposed overnight many times. Have yet to see any adverse effects… May not have heard/seen any, could it be a problem? I dunno.


Also as far as sheathing-better to tear off 1x’s and re-sheet or just go over top of existing 1x with plywood?


You can easily do a minimum of 20 square a day with a good crew. As far as leaving the base exposed we have never done so. I wouldn’t want it getting wet for sure. As far as the wood that is a per condition thing. If the the wood is in good shape and the structure can hold the added weight you can leave the 1x planking.


ok so I gathered a little bit more info today and I think the best approach will be to tear the tin roof off and put down insulation board over the 1x. Less costly and should provide a sufficient surface to support the flintlastic. Liberty-you say to go with the mid ply-have you done it without and other than the extra 3 years on the manufacturers warrantee what’s the advantage?


You should not be choosing whether or not to use the mid ply. Your CUSTOMER should be choosing. you need to give them the price with and without it the mid ply. Tell them the advantages of using the midply. They can decide if it’s worth the money or not. Personally I feel as though it is. But, it’s not my money it’s the customers money. It is my job to explain the advantages of the midply.