Flat torch town termination at gutter

) Got a new torch down but he was found he was going to just nail rood to Dacia under gutter. I’ve read about drip edge, termination bars, and such. Can I get guidance on the proper way to terminate end of roof and proper facia. Right now David is 3 1x12 not painted. Also where should gutter and drip edge and gutter go in relationship to roof layers. Thanks for any info you can provide. I’m trying to figure out how to add pictures. I can get a better pic today if needed

Based on that picture it probably needs to be redone from scratch.

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The roof? What is it you see wrong? Even more What do I need to do with the drip edge and end of the roof. The facia was there already… rain in the forcast

You can post pictures to the forum with imgur.com.

The chimney detail is horrendous and there is bare fascia in short lengths. I hate to think about how everything else is done. There is also a giant void that will most likely cause this roof to blow off first big windstorm.

It may be an optical illusion but it looks like the first course is upside down, that looks like the lap at the chimney.

I thought so as well Axiom at first.
But i zoomed in on the far left side and see that it is smooth torchdown.

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I’ll get better pictures today,

I sent another message but I thing it went private to axiom. I can’t pull it back up. Rookie mistake Ed

I didn’t receive anything.

Sorry, I’m new still trying to figure this out

Ok had the roof check and the guy did a very good job. The chimney not finished, brick