Flat Roofing Materials Price

We were proposed a job of 38sq flat roof replacement and are asked to give pricing of materials for this job, but when I’ve asked a couple of “subs” more experienced in pricing of flat roofing they are real evasive and not giving me a clear cut rate. What is a close estimate? The building has tar currently and they want to install roll cover roofing after removing the tar roof, no rock on top. It also has 10 4" pipes. Anyone very experienced in flat roofing that could explain more? (Minnesota)

The first thing you must do is know what kind of product you are putting on.Roll cover roofing?Just about every type of flat roofing comes in a roll.There is no way to give you even a ballpark figure without knowing what kind of material you will be using.It could be anywhere from 18-60k

Roll cover roofing?
Half lap?
Cold applied modified?
APP modified?
Self adhered modified?

What type of insulation do you plan to use?
What type of deck is it?

Yeah JohnK nailed it exactly 18-60K.

interesting name.
10-4" pipes?
sounds like you have an apt complex or a
motel roof.
usually easy roofs to do.

i dont like to discuss material prices either.
i can get the materials for a roof alot cheaper than the average joe not to mention i have alot of extra tar, nails,edge metal, etc., in my garage that i want to use.
so what happens is you tell someone on a 4000
dollar roof the materials cost 1000 they think your charging to much for labor.
they dont realize the dump fees, gas, saw blades,and so many other little things that if you didnt allready have them that same 4000 dollar job material
cost would be 2500.

well you wanted it explained.

so ill get out of the way and let some yankeys help ya.

i know if you were down here i could get you materials
for 100 a sq.

hell if no one here closer to you cant help, ill come up there and get it for you, providing i get to do the job.


Interesting…I’m sure there’s much more info you need, no doubt about that. We’ve only done residential homes, but no flat roofing and yes it is an apartment building. Small 12 unit. The owner just wants a couple of ideas and a rough estimate of what he’s looking at for costs on labor and materials. He isn’t sure when he wants to get it done and not sure what materials to get, etc., etc., and I was hoping to help give him some ideas. Not even sure what to recommend him. I’m definately sticking to shingles! He’s trying to be very “cost effective”. :roll:

Yeah stick to your shingles you would probably have a nightmare of a leak… Flat roofs are completely different animal.

sounds like he just needs to rip off excisting roof and install a torchdown modified roof system.

one of the best roof systems out there.