Flat roof tar still wet 8 months later

I hired someone to repair my flat roof in October, however the tar I s still wet 8 months later! My gutters are filled with tar and the roofer is not returning my calls. I’m not sure what to do. My house is 110 years old and I do not have the funds to hire another person.


Get a few pics, it’ll help alot

Is it “wet” or just not hard? The better the quality the tar the longer it stays sticky and pliable.

Its not hard, sticky like honey. I am trying to get pics from my handy man. Its too high up for me to get to

That sounds normal. Really shouldn’t be any in the gutters though.

what was the weather when applied. what part of the country are you in. what was supposed to be put on the roof. How much pitch is on the roof.