Flat roof repair with gutter issue

Hi All, first post. There is a ~3 x 5 FLAT triangular area over a porch on an old victorian in central IL. A steep valley exists above this and with heavy rain, the water flows over the guttergaurd and falls directly on to this flat roof. Icicles also drip and fall directly on this area. The area is currently covered with 2 layers of rolled roof, one really falling apart where the water hits but is in decent shape everywhere else.

Gutter folks don’t have a solution and said a barrier at the valley would move the spillover someplace else. I thought they could remove the gutter gaurd at the valley, replace it with mesh and add a barrier but they indicated it was too much water moving too fast and that the barrier would result in leaf build up and clogging.

I could replace with rolled roof again but am wondering if a differet product might stand up to the abuse. Also, any creative ideas on how to deal with the direct flow of water and drip from melting ice? I’ve considered a shallow cistern that could be tapped into the nearby gutter or even a small slanted piece of metal to deflect the main force of the water.

Still seems like a gutter issue to me but the roof does need replacement.

thanks in advance

Pictures are always helpful. First of all lose the gutter guards and install new 6" K-style gutter in the problem area. You can use a valley splash guard to help the water flow.

php2.secure-shopping.com/gutterw … php?cat=39

It’s just a piece that helps stop water from splashing over. If it is a gutter issue as you think then I would attempt to fix the cause of the problem before I fixed the consequences of the problem. Again, post pictures if you’d like more detailed insight.

Thanks Tar. This is what I thought should be done as well. The link is helpful. When I first posted I did not see the upload option in the bbcode image helper. Found it. The pick is not great but the only thing I’ve got here. Should give you a sense of where the water is hitting and what it does. You can also see how the rolled roof was installed.

Well, I can’t see the problem from that vantage point but yes that roof is kind of shot, lol. It looks like a nice roof to do a small copper standing seam but that is pricey. Honestly if you fix the source of your problem you can go back with what you have, just make sure you tear the existing stuff down to the bare wood deck and check fo rot first. I’m not a big fan of cold process SBS but it is economical. Failing to be able to afford copper I would most likely suggest GAF Liberty or Cetainteed Flitastic peel and stick there.

Id just put one piece of epdm with no seams over the little roof and let er flow.

Wanted to say thanks for the good info. Once its done raining I’ll be up their working on it!

Jay - I would say you should solve the water flow problem.