Flat Roof Repair Application Problem With Henrys 208R

I have a composition on flat roof. I had a area that had delaminated as a bubble, as I have been unable to chase a leak, and tore a 8"x8" section of roofing out, and the paper underneath as this is what I was told to do by a someone. It has a layer of roofing below I believe. Then I flooded it with Henrys 208R with fiberglass on top and the perimeter, and covered that with the same. I went to the Henrys site and think it said that I should have slit the bubble, pulled it back and taped and coated the patch. Was the way that I did the repair wrong? It is now about 1/4"-3/8" of 208r. It is dry and not raining this week, perhaps in 4-5 days, so perhaps I should have used 205, also recommended on their site. I understand that this stuff does not harden completely. And I am worried that it will be a puddle of cold tar that is waiting for a foot to step in it, and that it will not work. Not that accustomed to Henry’s. Not sure how long it takes to dry. Should I do anything else. It is in an area that ponds over a bedroom and I do not want a bigger problem then the one I was trying to correct. Help if you can!

please find roofer.

:slight_smile: Gweedo is right… on a flat roof ponding water with a 90# roof, you should find a FLAT roofer immediately.