Flat roof overhang framing in South Florida


Hi there!

I’m planning out the work for a DIY tear-off and re-roof of my house in Oakland Park, FL. At some point, the previous owner covered a porch by adding a section of roof that bolted to the side of the house just under the soffit of the existing overhang. The porch is nice, but the construction of the added roof section makes it difficult to do get at the boards and vent screens to maintain them.

Since I’m re-roofing anyway, I’d like to extend the roof overhands and get rid of the added portion altogether. I’m not sure how best to frame the added overhang at the corners, though. In the attached picture, the green section shows the existing roof. The blue section shows the portion I’d like to add. The red section is where I’m uncertain. How should I frame those corners?

I’m open to any other feedback as well.

Thank you!


Check with your city building department. That’s quite an extensive build, and would likely need stamped drawings.


Agree with patchap, would need drawings for that anywhere. Being in a hurricane zone requires a lot.


Thanks guys!
Is there a simpler approach that might be easier to get approved?


How many times do you really think you will need access to the vent screens you are worried about? I would guess…never. Your plan looks great, but as others have stated you are getting into rebuild territory. Plans, approvals, permits, engineering needed to make your new roof work. The simpler approach would be to just tear off and re-roof over the existing roof structure.


The simple approach is exactly what don said, leave it how it is, install a new roof. You could spend 20k in design, engineering and permitting, plus countless headaches, for a 10k roof. Florida has the most strict building codes anywhere in the country.