Flat Roof Opinion

I had a client ask me for an opinion of this roof and how long I think it will last. It is 4 years old. I have mainly worked with Rubber and TPO for flat roofing and don’t know much about the different types of built up roofing, torch down, mod bit, techniques, ect…

What type of roof is this?
Could this last as long as a TPO or rubber roof, (lot of sun exposure)?
Do you guys still install these, why or why not?

Thanks in advance.

Id say your roof is crazy awesome.
I have never seen that before.

It appears you have a modified bitumen roof. And the roofer also added a layer of pea gravel on top of it. This keeps the sun from ever touching it and breaking it down.
That is roof going to last a long if they did it right.
The only thing i can see that will need maintenance in the future is that plumbing flashing. That wasnt the best flashing for this application.
A simple easy repair in the future if it becomes a problem.

Thanks for the reply, I agree the pea gravel was a good idea. Sun damage is our biggest hitter here with roof damage. Unfortunately, there is uncovered roofing around the perimeter that will probably be the first place to fail.

I found this video that shows torch down, self stick, cold weld mod bit if anyone has a half hour to kill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asnX_DtJDZ8

Based on the video, I think this is probably torch down, but I only saw bleed out on some of the seams.

Also, on the white coated section you can see that there are many fasteners telegraphed through. I’m guessing they this is only 2 plys total and they filled the base sheet full of holes.

Again, I am not trying to stick it to anyone for doing a bad job or a homeowner trying to get a discount. I am just another contractor trying to get up to speed on best practices and when/if this type of roofing is still relevant.

Here are some close ups of the seams and exposed capsheet:

You say its uncovered.
But It is… Its covered with its own pea gravel.
It will not fail there.
Probably last your lifetime.

The other granulated torch down part of the roof that was coated( not covered with pea gravel) is great too.
Because that is not needed just as the extra pea gravel is not needed.

Please dont disparage “2 ply”modified.
I know i am going to ruffle some feathers
But i believe anyone who feels they need to burn down two cap sheets on top of each other
After the underlayment is installed
DO NOT know what they are doing.
And their efforts are redundant.
To me, it would be just like putting on a shingle roof and the next day coming and putting another layer on top of it.

I burn down my underlayment( ice and water shield) Most of the time
And burn down one layer of granulated cap sheet.
Id put the longevity of it against anyones roof,
Even shingles.

All the talk about extra layers (3-ply) is a marketing, salesman technique and helps with roofers who are not confident in their abilities.