Flashing on 3 year old roof leaking badly

Just discovered some very bad interior water damage and mold from water coming down next to my chimney from the attic all the way down to the basement. Dry wall had to be ripped out, new plates and studs installed, etc. Now- person doing the interior repairs thinks the company that installed the new roof 3 years ago did a bad job flashing around the chimney. The roofing company claims there were masonry repairs needed when the roof was installed but of course never told me this at any point during the installation. Does the flashing by the chimney look adequate?

Post pics of the corners of the chimney flashing. Those are the most critical parts of chimney flashings.

Needs to be much closer up and preferably a few different angles.

But from what I can see it’s far from the best flashing job i’ve ever seen.

The mortar on the chimney looks fine, take a picture of the chimney cap.

The flashing job looks like typical hack work.

If you are going to get the flashing replaced look for someone that says they will cut a slot into the mortar for the counter flashing, let them tell you this.

Not saying this photo provides any more clarity but this was the 3rd I had. I will have the roofer take more today

IF the water is running down inside the wall all the way to the basement, I doubt that it is the chimney flashing. Not always the case but usually that is a sign the chimney itself or the chimney cap are leaking.

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Here is what it initially looked like

What part of the country are you in? Looks more like a condensation problem…….

Indiana. There was alot of wet framing boards, insulation, etc. Water dripping heavily through ceiling when it rained the other day. I think it’s alot more than condensation

I’m in Indiana, too. Looks like it been leaking for awhile. Has the chimney been sealed with waterproofer? It’s begging for leaks being corbeled out at the top like that.

What part of the state are you? Troubleshooting cluster-roofing is my specialty!

Carmel, just N of Indpls

This is/was the plate at the top of the ceiling. Completely deteriorated the width

of the fireplace

That damage has taken more than three years to get to that point. I’d suggest you keep looking at other areas near the chimney.

I would take a tarp or in my case, I have cut offs of EPDM. Cover the chimney as far down as possible, on all sides. Run a bungie or duct tape around the bottom to keep it tight. Let it rain a few times and check for leaks. This will eliminate the flue, cap and like darkthirty said, the corbeled brick.

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The cap does not extend past the row of brick right below it. It looks like water could sit on the first row that is extended and cause a ‘sill’ which would allow water, in a hard rain with wind, to collect and blow back under the cap. Roof lover is correct to tarp this area and see what happens.

You’re a couple hours south of me. That huge void with below interior temperature on the outside will condensate the same as a glass of ice. Seeing as you have it torn open, take a hose and start on the lowest junction of roof and chimney, run water on it for 5 minutes before moving higher. With someone watching inside to tell you when it starts leaking, you should find the problem if it is flashing. Work up both sides of the cricket before going higher. I’ve had chimney leaks that a good soaking with sealer solved, but you have to find it first!