Flashing needed with Gutters

getting ready to replace a Cedar Shack Roof with Asphalt Shingles. Presently the Tar paper extends approx. 3/4" past the roof edge & overhangs into the Gutters. Flashing has never been installed on this 1958 house. With the Gutter installed tight against the roof edge & close to same level as the backer boards, I’m not seeing a reason to install flashing. I’m thinking why change what seems to work & install the Tar Paper with the same 3/4" overhang into the Gutter, as it is now.
There isn’t any rote in the roof. Any thoughts from people with more experience?

Cedar roofs normally do not have or require any metal edge. You would have to check your local codes to see if drip edge is required for a shingle roof. Personally I always install c4 1/2 when converting cedar to asphalt, typically there is a redeck involved so you need something to cover the edge of the plywood.

What is your location? Snow or all sun changes the answers. Your contractor of choice will have . opinion. If you trust him enough to hand over that hard earned money; you should trust him with the finer details

Why would you not want to install drip edge?

MPA said it best. I see no reason to not install a drip edge. Asphalt shingles won’t support themselves the same way cedar will.