Flashing around a stone chimney

What is the best way to install flashing around an existing stone chimney? It is centered on the peak of a gable roof an I installed step flashing when I put the three-tab shingles on but I need some advice on how toinstall flashing over them to prevnt leakage.

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Need pictures for this.


Re-cut the existing reglet, then install a new counter flashing the same way as the old one was.
Don’t use that flimsy mill finished aluminum.
Get some thicker stuff.
Aluminum is less than ideal for this application, but you can make it work.

You need to fix the chimney cap also, it will leak, if it isn’t already.
It would be best to remove the current flashing job and re-do it with some copper, but money is probably an issue.
It should still be re-done with some thicker aluminum at least.
There is a product called flashrite corner flashings, they would be very helpful in this situation.

That concrete crown needs to be re-poured again. Way too many cracks and it does not overhang the stone work.

You should re-cut the old reglet with a 4" grinder and a diamond blade, but you can also surface mount the flashing and attach it by using a rotary hammer drill and tapcons or lead anchors. Caulk “Behind” the sheet metal first, prior to setting the fasteners though.


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just take ya some peel n stick.
cut it around nice and tite, down to the shingles
before you take the backin off.

you chimney is in a place were its not gonna
need some great water protection.

sorry i just got a feelin ya aint good with metal
or dont like doin it.


On my way out but real quickly…

Your apron (front flashing) is too short on either side. Looking at your pic it should run aprox 1/2"-1" past the end of the shingles on the rake. Ideally you would cut a vertical line and fold this part of the flashing into it but you’re using yucky aluminum so ummmm caulk it i guess. On the left side your apron should extend aprox 4"-5" past the chimney. The way you have it now the corner is open.

The chimney really needs copper imo but at least galvanized can be soldered. Aluminum is garbage because
your whole job is held together by caulk. You can’t solder anything so you might as well cut a straight line over the old counter and slip a new one in without a return. Pin it in with some mortar nails and caulk your cut line. Might as well take the easiest route if it’s going to be half assed because there is nothing you’re going to be able to do that will make aluminum and caulk a quality job.

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