First things first


How i decided what shingle to go with… Landmark Pro> GAF Timberline> Owens Corning Duration sure nail.
ALL 3 say that they are the BEST on the each “WARRANTY REQUIREMENTS” this may shock some of you. web site for all these warranty’s ABCSUPPLY.COM its a supply store for roofing needs it has a lot of information on this site. ( I DON’T WORK THERE ) each shingle requires you to have certain items purchased with other items if NOT it "VOIDS THE WARRANTY"Depends on the WARRANTY YOU CHOOSE. Most important thing other than shingles them selves.make sure you ask the contractor you hire for a “LABOR WARRANTY” this will cover improper installation.IF NOT this will also void THE WARRANTY .also your contractor is required to provide you with a written “RELEASE” of “LIEN” from any person or company. IF NOT the people or company’s they owe for your roofing supplies can/may come after you for payment. THEY can put a lien on your home as well. i hope this may help some of you, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS read the fine print. "BEWARE at all times.remember this you and you alone are the only people on your side. GOOD LUCK !!


In my area i get the timberline HD and Duration for the same price.
Certainteed pros are about 20 dollars more.
They are worth it and are a much better shingle
than those other two.

I am really liking Atlas pinnacle at the moment.
The sturdyness of the shingle.
How flat it lays.
Look at a pallet of certainteed and Atlas side by side.
You will see just how flat the shingles are stacked on the pallet.
It is amazing on the roof.
The “its a winter install conversation” is almost nil.
They have four colors i am in love with.
The wide nailing area of the shingle is of utmost importance and far superior to any other shingle maker available in my region.
The lifetime "No streaking"warranty.
Something else to be super impressed with.
No one else has that.

Atlas algae resistance was already superior before they even improved them and partnered with 3m scotchgaurd and added the lifetime “no streaking” warranty.


We were doing alot of asks about 5 years ago when they were a few bucks cheaper than cert and Gaf We kept having issues how atlas was pallatized with the corners of the bundles hanging over the edge Would end up with shingle corners sticking up. They kept giving us replacement bundles and said They were working on it. Since then the price of atlas came up here and most of our distributors dropped them.

When the pros really hit my area and are about 8$ more a l sq than landmark or gaf, we started using them as our standard shingle in that price category. Not doing 1000s of squares a year, mainly cut up older homes, so they are working good for us.


You might want to recheck them out MPA,
I think they have redesigned them since you last used them.
But not every plant is the same…
Having their own quality and workmanship.

Truthfully, i feel like Atlas is the only one listening to the roofer!!!
Maybe they addressed your pallet issues
Because what im seeing is the complete opposite.
Crazy flat beyond awesome pallet stacking.
It absolutely is done by a robot.
I am sure of it.

And the wide double laminate nailing zone and how important that really is…
So i am recently feeling like i really need these shingles on 1x6 deck roofs
And my guys and i are noticing how little we are hitting the air spaces between 1x decking
Due to how the exposure is taller!!!
And then not only are we hitting the air spaces less
We have the total double laminate area to adjust up or down to account for that air space.
And then the lifetime No Streak warranty!!
That is essential if i will pardon a homeowner for choosing a light color.
I am in love at the moment
Especially since i have discovered 4 colors from them that are amazing.

but i will drop them like a bad habit
If they still have shading issues.
We will see!
It is looking so promising.


I loved installing atlas with the 1.25" double laminate nail zone. Every time we talked to reps about the pallitization issue they kept saying they were working on it and would not charge us for the bottom 3 bundles on each pallet, but somebody would always end up using some messed up shingles on Friday and you would have to replace them on Monday.

We primarily use a beacon supplier who no longer stocks atlas and ABC also used to carry but not sure if they still do. So not even sure if I can still get them, but always willing to give something a second try.

In my opinion the landmark pro colors espically the weatherwood blow atlas out of the water.


I agree the weatherwood pros from your local
Plant are stunning!!

When you give Atlas a chance,
Dont use the Prestine weathered wood
Unless the customer wants that
"All the same color appearance because the brick is already too busy" and no real shadow line.

Use the pristine weathered shadow.
It has a dark shadow line and variance in color
That is impressive!!
With this particular color shingle from them
I’ dont think i’ll use the standard weathered wood landmark again.


The Other thing I really liked about atlas was 6" exposure. It made layout, shingeling high, or around something so easy. Pretty hard For someone to screw that math up.