First I Cried - Now I Could "Spit Nails"

UPDATE: My roof was finished the following day. The “white stuff” apparently was from paint on the tarp that was put over the Ridge.

I HATE the way the Ridge Vent looks on my house. I am so disappointed with the outcome. The Contractor came out and started acting “aggressive/loud” with me. He said it is because my rafters are not even. Yet, when I pointed out houses that were recently done in my neighborhood, he said they had “CRAP” on their house and that I had the best materials. I told him that the materials are not the issue – at least their “CRAP” looks nice and the Ridge Vent is straight. Anyway, right away the Company sign was removed from my yard and he ran straight to the bank and cashed my check. I cried all day over the way it looks and how he yelled at me in front of his crew. Now I have moved beyond the crying phase and am really, really mad. I wrote him a letter and told him how I am not satisfied with the job. He wrote back and tried to place the blame on me! He said that I “opted” to just replace certain boards and not re-deck. He then stated that I picked them out! This obviously was the story that his Foreman told him. That was a lie. I told his Foreman that I wanted all Swayed Boards replaced. At no time was I advised that I should replace the entire deck (which I was willing to do if they thought it should be done). Anyway, I wrote a letter back - sent Certified Mail - and am giving him a couple of weeks to make this right. Any suggestions as to what I should do if he refuses to “fix” this?

This is what I say you do, and this is what I would do if I were in this situation. If I were you I would start off with a formal complaint letter to the contractor (which I believe you did) and I would also not pay him until the problems were resolved ( which I think you may have already done). The next thing I would do is make sure everyone you tell the story to knows the name of the company because word of mouth is the best and in this companies case, the worst, form of advertising. After that right a letter to the Better Business Bureau in your area. It may seem like a hassle but then the company has to at least recognize it unless they want a blemish on their file. Most likely they will come take care of a problem like that because for the next three years anyone who looks them up on the BBB website would see that they have unresolved customer complaints and hopefully most people are turned away from doing business with them.

My company happens to get a few calls like this a year about how other contractors did the ridgevent wrong and how they dont like it and so on. They usually talk with us about it and we do fix what other companies did a lot. If you want to pay the price I am sure you could find a company to do it to your specifications in the area where you live. If you do that, make sure you have them look to see that it is properly ventilated. As in, you have as much intake through the soffit as outtake through the ridgevent. Where I am from, it seems like not very many contractors know or understand the importance of proper ventilation so try to find someone who is Air Vent Certified (at least thats why the certification is around here)

I hope your problems get taken care of.

Best of luck.

Thanks BamBamm - Yes, I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Also, I believe that I read on this forum that OSB should not be mixed with Plywood. They replaced 6 pieces of Plywood with OSB. I still have several places with “dips” and the ridge vent makes me sick. I would upload some pix but don’t know how. I went with the most expensive proposal – the Company with the 4 Full Page Color Ads in the Yellow Pages – so I was not trying to get a new roof for a Cheap price. I can’t even look at it when I go outside because it makes me feel so bad.

I planned on calling some Roofing Companies for suggestions on how this can be fixed. Will most companies be willing to come out to the house and look it over, or will they “shy away” from a problem created by another Contractor?

I just checked my State’s list of Home Improvement Licensed Contractors. His wife is listed as both the Contractor / Salesman.

Megan, Hello and sorry to here of your problem… I would just like to say that I followed your threads from the begining, and you stated that you were to have the plywood replaced w/all new O.S.B. and that if it were not required , that the CONtractor would install plywood in spots that were needed. If your rafters are 24" on center then the ridge will look wavy between the rafters, and if he installs a stiff ridge vent ,(snow country) it will be more noticable as it will cause the dips to stand out in shadows. Roll vent (Cobra )does not.Also most roofers only replace rotten sheets, (IF THAT) not wavy ones ,lol I said it before 3 hrs down 2 day job (all sheets replaced)3hrs back…I again am sorry to here that you paid a good price for a quality job , and are not satisfied w/the work! Also that a CONtractor would yell at a customer in her front yard would show his lack of PROFESSIONALISM…

Jwool is right. It does depend a lot on the kind of vent and your rafters. Very good points I should have mentioned. It seems like to me that the biggset companies are the ones who try to cut corners the most because they already have an established name and dont try to do the same quality work they used to while getting their name out there. I would try another contractor, when we get calls from people wanting to replace ridgevent we do go out and meet with them but sometimes it takes us a little while to go out and do it. Usually it wont be done tomorrow but when we get a free few hours doing a day we do go out and do it. At least then if we are trying to get a job and the other bid is from the companies problem we just fixed we can use it against them (evil I know).

If you can learn how to or find anyone who can help you load those pictures up, it would be nice to see. Hope it gets taken care of.

FOUR full page colour adds ?? thats should have been a red flag right there. A good contractor has word of mouth and only needs a small yellow page if one at all.

this should not be a problem if done properly. we use OSB all the time in upstate NY. The other guys will cry foul…but roofing is very regional and we get 20’ snow loads with no problems on OSB if done properly with plywood clips and ring shank nails.

Well, as I said he tried to put the blame on me for not “opting” to get a complete re-deck. His Foreman told me that my deck looked good and that he was “surprised.” At no time did either the Owner or the Foreman suggest that I get a re-deck in order to get a better result. However, after he blamed me, further down in his letter he stated that if I had a complete re-decking my outcome would have been essentially the same … I think it is just CYA and having it both ways.

As I stated, he has his wife as the Contractor and Salesman; however, he really is the Salesman and I did not see his name listed as a Salesman on the list of Home Improvement License holders. As a matter of fact, I was never given anything (proposal/contract) in writing that had either his name nor his wife’s name on it. Everything has my signature but not their signatures.

I don’t know if this is going to work. This is the back right … it looks worse from the front.

Mixing OSB and plywood is not a concern if the thickness is the same.

What is wrong with the ridge vent ? is it on crooked ?

I don’t know – you tell me…

From that picture it looks as though the rafters have settled unevenly causing the ridge to dip in places.
It also looks as though there is dips in the field of the roof.
This is not easily fixed…
Not very cost effective either.

The contractor yelling at you is disrespectful and unproffesional to say the least…
That alone deserves a letter to the BBB.

Yes, he was very professional when “selling” and very unprofessional upon “completion.” Also, I know the rafters have settled – however, what I cannot understand is how my house can possibly be the only one in this sub-division with settled rafters. I am now constantly looking at roofs and have not seen any that look as bad as mine. Several neighbors said that I should have had a complete re-deck.

It is in the framing.
Or it could be the foundation.
Excessive roof loading can cause this also, over time.
How old is the house?

Re-decking won’t take out the dips in the roof.

I can not tell from your picture. Maybee you are one of those customers that should have a 30% mark up right off the bat. running ridge vents right to the end continuous is the right way, keeping it back short is the wrong way and throughs off the uniformity of your ridge line.

Subdivision is about 37 years’ old. The house behind me looks like a picture from an Advertisement – beautiful. The house across the street got the Metal Ridge Vent – nice and straight and no dipping roof --both of those houses are identical model as mine. The pieces of OSB that were put in did take care of the dipping plywood – they just did not replace everything that should have been replaced.

There is a Roofing Company in this area that does stop the Ridge Vent about 2 feet from the ends … the houses that I have seen like this also look nice. Perhaps I should have had the rolled vent as someone stated, but the Contractor said that I needed to stay with the products made by Certainteed, since I selected Certainteed shingles. If I had gone with a complete Re-deck it was going to cost $9,225 – and I was willing to do so if that is what it was going to take to make my roof look good. I believe that they had “bigger” job to go to and wanted this to be a 1-day job. The Foreman was telling me that the next job was going to require them to use some type of suits and safety gear (steep roof) – probably a big house in an up-scale neighborhood.

We stop the ridge vent 10" away from the edge. The theory is that it keeps the birds and the bees away from it. Or it save’s my boss 20" of ridge vent per peak. I’m not sure which theory is truer.