Finding Dates of Loss for Hail and Wind Storms in Houston

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I am new to this forum and also new to this business.(I’m canvassing and setting up appointments) My question… Is there an inexpensive way to determine where the different hail/wind storms have occurred in the past year here in Houston.

Any info would be appreciated


I love how all of our posts and replies get magically deleted from this forum!

What do you mean Bill?

Yesterday I posted a reply to this thread that we could help this individual out that is looking for information in Houston. This morning the reply was gone. This is not the first time it has happened. I bet you at least 20% of my replies are deleted. I just PM’d him instead.


Having watched this forum for a while, I don’t blame the moderators for addressing advertising on the forum. That can get so out of hand.

I would recommend that you make some informative posts that include the sources of the data you provide. I can get the information I need straight from the source. If you can save me time or be more effective, then I would know that by comparing the labor intensive method I use to your product.

Those are just ideas, but if I wanted the favor of the moderators, I would get the favor of the roofers. Those moderators seem very sharp to me. If you start posting stuff that can help us, I will bet they will let you put in a plug at some time.

By the way, I did read your post that was deleted, and I am sorry to say that I would have deleted it, too. It seemed just like a sales ad, that would be listed as spam on any reputable forum like this. No offense, please, I am just trying to clear things up, OK?

There are several sources out there and some are taken more often then others. NOAA and SPC are the most accepted, but by far not the only ones. I would do my research, although I am biased to storm finder , I would say try anything weather, or as well. There is plenty of information out there if you look.

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Thanks for your reply. I understand yours and any other persons position on this topic. This particular individual asked a specific questions which I answered. Unfortunately, we cannot give our information away for free. Since I am not a roofer I can only provide weather related data and information to the group. I guess if there are specific weather related questions I can answer them. They are few and far between. As far as my reply being a sales call, believe me, if the two to three requests for weather on the forum was how I got my sales and made a living I would have been out of business a long time ago. Since we have 1,500 roofers we work with and partners such as Allied, ABC, Bradco (ABC), Beacon, Certainteed, EagleView, and Acculynx, clearly I do not really need to get a $99 HailArchive sale. I was only trying to help…problem is that help is not free. This is part of the reason why 99% of the time I only follow this forum and do not post. I would love to contribute more but there are not a lot of weather related posts until storms hit. When I post after a storm hits, it’s a sales call…catch 22. Anyhow, I do not mean to stir the pot. There are several on this forum that pimp software and they continue to post and post without any ramifications. I understand but there is not a whole lot I can do about it…so back to lurk mode! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the input an replies. I appreciate it

here you go matt and its free


For you and the other weather sales guys here, the most important time to a roofer is when no recent storm has happened locally. I wonder if there isn’t a way to pique some interest with some storm dates at areas near big cities that roofers may have missed.

For example, if Houston did not get a hail storm for two years, roofers would be panicked. If they were reminded that Galveston, Texas City and Galveston got big hail 9 months ago, then that would get things rolling.

Hey, that may be too tough to pick a needle out of the haystack like that, but you guys can really be a big help. I hate to see frustration or anything…

I second Robert on this one.
I think it is very detailed. You can search any date and also see the area and size of the account. I also like to get the raw data of call in information exported to excel.

Gary and others,

Again, thanks for the feedback. You all bring up good points. I’ll post informative information when I can. As for the free spc reports, they are great if you want to use free information but like I tell all of my clients, SPC is only as good as the reports going into it. For example, if you are at your house and get pounded by 2" hail and you do not report it to anyone officially, did it happen? Of course! There are many situaions where hail storms occur, sometimes in populated areas and there are NO reports on SPC. A great example would be on July 24th. SPC has NO reports in Katy, TX.

However, there is a great storm there that a lot of our clients are working today. Why? Because our meteologists were tracking the storm and we put a HailSWATH analysis together for those clients that needed specific information on what areas that storm affected.

The long and short of it is, if you like the free reports and they work for you then great! If you need all the gaps filled in from those free reports then you would work with a company like HailWatch.

The easiest way to see what a HailSWATH looks like is to go to - click on client login, enter user name: haildemo and password: demo Once you are in, click on the StormSWATH button and there are actual swaths we created.


I also was looking for storm info and found this site to be just what I needed.

this is good also

we use Mesonet which is a database maintained by the University of Iowa. Most Insurance companies use it when determining claims.


completely useless for anyone outside of OK

Have you even tried to find any mesonet data for your area? :shock:

This link will help you a lot to know about dates of recent hail and wind storms in Houston.

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